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  • Task completion updates
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    Hi, I have created a production schedule sheet which is viewed by the guys in the workshop. I'm trying to find the best way for them to give me updates on task completion. I dont want to give them editor access to the sheet because this th…
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  • Rollup report missing rows
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    Can't figure this one out. Hoping someone can help.   I have 6 sheets for various projects we are working on. Each sheet has at least one level of heirarchy and some have up to 3 (parent/child/grandchild?).   I have used cell linking t…
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  • Drop Down Lists
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    I am new to smart sheets and way behind my fellow community members level.   I have a database spreadsheet for tracking new product development.   Question: can you incorporate a drop down list into a smartsheet.   Appreciate your ad…
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  • Absolute record references
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    Is there a convenient way to assign a fixed reference to a record that remains the same even if new rows are added or deleted anywhere above the record?  Something like linking cells from another sheet, only within the same sheet, may work…
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  • How to merge the tasks from multiple sheets for a single user ?
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    Hi   I am uding smartsheet to manage the opening of stores in several countries and I invite my internal staff with our franchisee's staff in a a sheet which is a Micro-Planing with 175 tasks to be executed for a neat store opening.   …
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  • Linking for resource tracking
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    Hi, I'm using rows linking when one task is needed for different projects. The Allocation % field is linked as well in such situation. The problem is that Smartsheet treats linked allocations as two different tasks and adds allocations, in…
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  • linking cell data across multiple sheets to capture changes made on master sheet
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    ex.   Master Sheet - all changes, updates and final information Trailer Sheet - info from Master gets copied to trailer Avail Sheet - info from Master gets copied to avail   Is there a way I can ensure that my data changes on the mas…
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  • smartsheet and Enfocus Switch integration
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    I'm a new user and with my basic understanding I can see the potentential of Smartsheet and Switch downstream. For example the data from a form could be picked up by Switch using email notifications. My question; has anyone managed the rev…
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  • AIA Forms
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    We use an AIA form process for the pay applications in our industry. I am wondering if anyone else has been able to implement an AIA form in a sheet?
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  • Next working day calculation
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    Context: I've a Smartsheet that, given an agile software release number in the form of Year.Week.SubVer that calculates the release date based upon the first Monday of the Year (SubVer = Day of week, 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday), so 2015.18.1 = 4/…
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