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  • How do we improve formatting such as merged cells?
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    What other options do we have to format the sheet better, perhaps even in sections? Merging some cells will help get rid of the lines and make things look better spacing wise.
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  • Working Days Configuration for an Organization
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    Hello, Working days and non-working days are configurable on sheet-level and account-level, but I wonder whether we can configure that on the organization-level. I want to set the default non-working days and public holidays for my organi…
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  • Work Flow - Clone to another worksheet
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    I LOVE the work flows!!! But I have 15 facilities and 15 of the same worksheets. Is it possible to: 1. Clone the work flow from one worksheet to another or 2. print the work flow so i can enter the same verbiage & flow in all the sh…
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  • Dashboard Header Banner
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    I want to use an image for a Dashboard banner however, I cannot find any size dimensions for it and some experimentation is not working. I note this shows on Smartsheet's own examples yet I can't reproduce it. See attached screen shot.
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  • Adding to Inventory
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    I'm sure this is simple, but I've searched for a while and haven't found anything similar!  I have a sheet set up to track each piece of marketing collateral.  It starts w/ the beginning quantity (say 100 pieces) and deducts the number of…
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    Answered ✓ 90 views 3 comments Most recent by Paul Newcome Formulas and Functions
  • One VLOOKUP cell gives me a column list of returns
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    I am looking to have a drop down cell called "run name" that when changed will populate all the stores on that run.  I was using VLOOKUP from a master store/run sheet to do this but could only figure out how to get one store to …
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    HI,   I have a formula  =IF(E3>0,E3-C3,TODAY()-C3) this works great in excel but in smartsheet it comes back with #INVALID COLUMN VALUE  can anyone help fix this issue?? Please see attached excel with formula in Column D  Thank you …
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  • RYGB symbols automated to reflect status/progress
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi there, Attempting to write formula to automate RYGB symbols when task is In Progress, On Hold or Complete. I've prepared a few formulas and none seem to be accurate. If someone would take a look at below attempts and let me know what ne…
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  • I would like a formula to tell me the number of days holiday taken this month
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    I have searched for a formula to calculate the number of days holiday, but I would like it to be more specific to tell me the number of days taken this month. So far I have this: =SUMIFS(Duration:Duration, Absence:Absence, "holiday&qu…
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    Answered ✓ 345 views 17 comments Most recent by Joachim Mund Formulas and Functions
  • Adding resources cost
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    Hi all, I'm fairly new to smartsheet, and i wanted to know how do i use the "bill rate", ca I change it? How can I access it? I think this is the solution for my issue which is i want to add the costs to my resources and I could…
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