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  • Child Rows Automatically Move to Parent Rows Based on Column Cell Value
    In Using Smartsheet
    How do I get child rows to move to specific parent rows based on data from a specific column? I have active, lead, not bidding, and submitted statuses. When a bid is submitted I would like that row to move to the submitted parent. If it is…
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  • Multi-select string operation
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi all, I have three columns which have the same drop down options: requested, received and pending. I would like the "pending" column to have all options from the "requested" column except for what's in the "recei…
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    Answered - Pending Review 27 views 3 comments Most recent by KDM Formulas and Functions
  • 2 or more projects sheet dependency
    In Using Smartsheet
    HI, I am using Smartsheet and I am involve in 3 projects and all are main and lead roles.  I made 3 separate sheets for each project but I realize each projects affect the other projects and then sometimes the predecessor is in another sh…
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  • Problem with vlookup calculations
    In Formulas and Functions
    I am having a new problem with an existing Smartsheet that has worked fine until now. Existing workflows have stopped working. The problem does not appear to be workflow, but something else going on. We have a workflow that triggers off of…
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    185 views 7 comments Most recent by Kyle Van Pelt Formulas and Functions
  • Backups/Excel export
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi all, Would it be possible to backup/export a spreadsheet on a scheduled basis more often than daily? One of the Departments on my company asked if it would be possible to do it hourly or even every 10min, but the smallest period i can…
    43 views 3 comments Most recent by Bee Ng Using Smartsheet
  • How to Back-up Sheets?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Is there is a backup in the cloud of our sheets? Do you have any recommendations to prevent loss of data should something happen? Should we be saving a back up daily or regularly?
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    Accepted Answer 64 views 4 comments Most recent by Bee Ng Using Smartsheet
  • Conversations in Reports
    In Using Smartsheet
    I currently use reports tied to a central tracker to report out project updates to several different teams. Some of these projects require sharing of attachments and conversations about those attachments using the row's conversation tool. …
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    198 views 4 comments Most recent by David Lane Using Smartsheet
  • COUNTIFS with NOT CONTAINS from a Referenced sheet with two columns selected
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello! I've searched through a few community posts but cannot seem to find an answer to my formula I'm trying to calculate how many products we have in one column that are not "done" from another column that are both being refere…
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    Accepted Answer 21 views 5 comments Most recent by Ramzi K Formulas and Functions
  • Linking Two Sheets to update dynamically When columns are added and removed.
    In Formulas and Functions
    I have two sheets that i want to be linked dynamically. EX: Column 1: 1 2 3 4 5   I want to be able to have this column automatically update and be created on the second sheet when it is changed on the first. If for example, I were…
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    461 views 5 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Formulas and Functions
  • Print out Workflow
    In Using Smartsheet
    Is there a way to print out the workflow so it can be shared in a presentation or discussion with the team? I seen someone asked last year but there has been no update to that question.
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    Accepted Answer 4 views 3 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet