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  • how to get an URL to the latest version of an attachment?
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    I have attachments in my workspace and need to be able to email an URL to an attachment to people. I can do it via the Send Attachment feature (I wish I could get it derectly from a right click menu by the way). That URL is unique to a pa…
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  • Count Children if Criteria is Met
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    I'm trying to get the =COUNT(Children()) formula to work with a criteria. For instance, I have children that require a status of 'In Progress' or 'Completed', when the status is 'Completed', I want the Count to reflect the number still 'In…
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  • Smartsheet Navigation
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    I have always found navigating between sheets a bit cumbersome. I have several workspaces and lots of sheets. Currently the fastest way to find a sheet is to do a search. The favourites is a neat idea but I usually gave to navigate out of…
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  • Sorting within filtered view
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    It would be useful to be able to sort within a filtered view. I do realize that I could probably do something with Reports, however, we are looking at getting the Basic plan, which doesn't support Reports.
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  • Need the ability to filter reports based on project status
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    Here is what I need.   I have about 50 projects within a workgroup that I am trying to manage.   I have a report of tasks that are due within the next 5 days.  Took some cluncky work to differentiate tasks vs summary tasks, but it was …
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  • Dependency between multiple RYGG cells
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    Hi,   Is it possible to create a complex dependency such that a task's status is derived from it's sub-tasks' status. i.e:           Status Task  AVG(ST1-4)   ST1    R   ST2    G   ST3    G   ST4    Y That way we could avoid manu…
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  • Track Delivery by Time
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    Is tracking delivery a part of your enhancement plan? In construction, we work with many subs that would deliver to the job site every 15 min. Being able to specify and track time would also help procurement. If this is already in the app,…
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  • Report based calculations
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    I would like to be able to have a calculation take place in a report that is based on numbers in cells from two different spreadsheets.  Any ideas?  Not keen on linking for this application as that would require multiple linking of new dat…
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  • Update Request / Send Row From Within A Report
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    We leverage reports to an extremely high degree to avoid data losses in a massive sheet we use company-wide. One of the things we would really love to be able to do is send a row, and send an update request from within a report. This would…
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  • Editing attachments in Office 365
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    We are hoping to roll out Office 365 in a few months (maybe longer). I'm wondering if that allows the editing of documents as links or attachments in Smartsheet (we're not able to use Google or the other listed options at this time). Ble…
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