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  • Need to Receive Out of Office Replies for Update Requests
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    I created a Smartsheet to collaborate with a department that is in another facility.  The nature of our collaboration can be time-sensitive, and when someone is out of the office we need to know.  The process that currently exists is to us…
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  • linking existing discussion to task
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    I just got started with Smartview and created a few discussions.  Then I wanted to link those to a task.  Can't quite figure out how to do that.   Later, I found out I could create a discussion from the task line which will then show up …
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  • Microsoft Project Import
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    Hi All,    I use smartsheets mostly as a project management system for my clientbase. Most of my clients reuiqre porject schedules to be in Microsoft porject and I prefer doing my plans in MSP as it has much more funcatonality in terms o…
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  • Web forms
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    I would like to be able to change the width of the forms I would like the form to be able to identify the entry in the email is an actual email address 
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  • Update requests for outside users
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    I have a database of clients that i curently run on a traditional database platform. I have been thinking of mooving completely to smartsheet but one thing has been holding me back... i want to be able to send update requests directly to m…
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