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  • Can you add a VAT field in a smartsheet?
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    I want to add a field that automatically works out the VAT in a seperate field so i can calculate how much VAT we pay on services. Is this possible?   I have tried to add a formula e.g =SUM(amount)*20% and also +=SUM(amount)*0.2 Neither…
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  • Drop Down Lists
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    I am new to smart sheets and way behind my fellow community members level.   I have a database spreadsheet for tracking new product development.   Question: can you incorporate a drop down list into a smartsheet.   Appreciate your ad…
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  • Customize Smartsheet within an embedded portal
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    Can smartsheet have a template built and provided to our Clients from a web portal that they entered via user/pass. I know we can embed smartsheet. The situation is that I want each of them to have their own private sheet. Also, we want ac…
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  • Click to call with skype or google voice
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    Does anyone know how to get click to call to work in smartsheet?  I noticed that when I first logged into smartsheet, skype was able to make a call from a cell containing a phone number, then all the cells were no longer recognizable after…
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  • Can you return a blank cell in a formula that isn't text?
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    Is it possible to return a blank cell which is then part of a formula that adds up with other cells to result in a monetary value?   =IF(MILEAGE6 > 50, (MILEAGE6 - 50) * [MILEAGE EXPENSE]$2) I want values between 0 and 50 to return a…
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  • Formulas not following over
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    When I input a claim from the web form, it appears somewhat down in my sheet, and no formulas.  This is also the case when I have a row with formulas, then I move it to another sheet with the same columns and formulas, but it appears in th…
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  • Money format in cell not working
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    I am using this formula to output a fee based on gross loss for insurance claim.  The resulting total column shows proper dollar format when it is over $100,000 based on first IF statement.  When it is either of the following IF statements…
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  • Tip for Day to get the team to play.
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    One of the things that we have done as of late to speed the ability to work in the sheet and for people to move about in the sheet is hyperlink your sub sheets to your master sheet. The Hyperlink creates a fast way to go to anothe sheet wi…
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