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  • Complete Through Progress Bar
    In Formulas and Functions
    My organization is moving from MS Project to Smartsheet and there is a functionality on the progress bar of the gantt chart in MS Project that I would like to see if Smartsheet can do. The Update Progress bar that shades % Complete in MS P…
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    Answered - Pending Review 522 views 1 comment Most recent by Genevieve P. Formulas and Functions
  • Returning Start and End Dates
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi All, I am trying to get the MIN or start date of a range that only grabs from the row with the same phase. Keep in mind these Start and End dates in the project plan below have dependencies enabled. I would like to return the MIN Start…
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    Answered - Pending Review 79 views 5 comments Most recent by Paul Newcome Formulas and Functions
  • Automatic Predecessor Adjustment
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hey All! I have a question about how to have predecessors or just tasks in a schedule to automatically update when they are moved in the schedule. I am trying to create a production schedule for our Sheet Metal shop and it is created with…
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    252 views 6 comments Most recent by Jon Wilbur Tan Formulas and Functions
  • Notify an assignee that the predecessor has complete his task.
    In Formulas and Functions
    I want to use smartsheet as an international project management tool. One thing is driving me creasy. I want to send out a notification to an assignee if the predecessor task is completed. Please find attached a screenshot of my scenario.…
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    773 views 6 comments Most recent by Tori Isbell Formulas and Functions
  • Resource Management Tool
    In Using Smartsheet
    I'm looking at how I can migrate project plans (Omniplan) into Smartsheet to then use the resource management element to see people's capacity and adjust the schedule to smooth delivery. Has anyone done something similar or have any learni…
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    Answered - Pending Review 75 views 6 comments Most recent by SteCoxy Using Smartsheet
  • Need help with 'If , Then' function to subtract Duration Values
    In Formulas and Functions
    I'm setting up a Construction Schedule with Variance calculations as the 'Near Term' baseline solution that's been quoted as coming for a few years now has not materialized yet. Unfortunately after searching the forums I'm not seeing synt…
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    Accepted Answer 138 views 3 comments Most recent by Paul Newcome Formulas and Functions
  • How to link the health column to show an accurate status of at risk tasks.
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi All,  I am looking to find a way that I can link (create a formula) so the health column shows a traffic light system for the status of the task.  I want to aim for this to detect the percentage of completion of a task in relation to …
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    2K views 22 comments Most recent by Genevieve P. Formulas and Functions
  • One person has multiple jobs on one day
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, I'm looking to adjust my sheet based on one person having multiple jobs in one day. What I'd like to do it have it be that each person has only one job per day. Ideally, SS would be able to look at all other jobs this person is assigne…
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    Answered - Pending Review 22 views 1 comment Most recent by Genevieve P. Using Smartsheet
  • Gantt Chart status bar doesn't appear to reflect progress
    In Using Smartsheet
    Our PM's are experiencing a few issues with the Gantt Chart, and I hoping someone can help. In some instances, per the attached, the overall status suggests that the program is ahead of schedule. This is despite Sub-child 2a being on targ…
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    562 views 2 comments Most recent by Nick Casiday Using Smartsheet
  • Date Range Printing
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi,  I am having trouble printing a specific date range in gantt view. I've selected the dates, tried printing, but it shows the full spread and never reduces to the specified date range. HELP! Thanks,    Simon
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    242 views 2 comments Most recent by KimW Using Smartsheet