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  • Time Logger - Cell History
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    Is it possible to show time spent on a particular project? The data is already there within the cell history - it just need to be extracted somehow.   The below data tells me the task has been "in progress" for 1 minute - 21.06…
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  • Make Stars yellow by Default
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    I am creating a New Hire Checklist and one of the columns is called required. If that row's task is required the start will be checked and show up yellow. How do I make all the starrs in the required colum yellow by default? So we have to …
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  • Repeatable Task
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    Hello,   Is there anyone using a Smartsheet for employee leave or schedule tracking that has found a way to create a repeatable event such as a reoccurring schedule or leave (like telecommuting or alternate schedule).   Thank you, Jay
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  • Training Observation Form
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    I'm working with another department to create a trainer observation form in Smartsheet. The form is pretty long and has a lot of categories. When I started working with it the number of columns grew quite large.    Does anyone have exper…
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  • Tip for Day to get the team to play.
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    One of the things that we have done as of late to speed the ability to work in the sheet and for people to move about in the sheet is hyperlink your sub sheets to your master sheet. The Hyperlink creates a fast way to go to anothe sheet wi…
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  • Enterprise Account Benefits
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    We have been living in the sheets for a couple years now and just signed up to the enterprise level. I have seen some questions and things in here that are wanting to know more. I wanted to say that at the Enterprise level the support is t…
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  • Update requests for outside users
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    I have a database of clients that i curently run on a traditional database platform. I have been thinking of mooving completely to smartsheet but one thing has been holding me back... i want to be able to send update requests directly to m…
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