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  • Question about creating a pricing sheet with multiple linked sheets
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    Hello, New to SmartSheet and have only been through the basic training video.  I understand this product is super powerful and can do just about anything related to spreadsheets.  I just wanted to reach out to the community to see if what…
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  • Webforms: Auto hide based on answer of other field; Alerts based on answer of field
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    HI,    I have a few questions.    Scenario:  A team fills out a webform every time that a they take a call. There are different fields available to them to fill in. Some of these fields(especially towards the bottom) do not apply if o…
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  • Create a sheet or dashboard that shows all items requiring attention
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    My director would like somewhere to land that shows all the projects that are waiting on him to proceed. He does not want an email compilation; already tried that. Rather, he'd like to have a place within his Smartsheet account where he ca…
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  • Sending a shared sheet
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    When I send a shared sheet to multiple collaborators and check to "CC to me", I get multiple CCs. Is there a way to limit to just one CC to me? Not a big problem, but just an annoyance.
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  • Mechanize Alerts?
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    I'm linking cells between two sheets A and B. When my project manager changes a row's start or end date in their sheet A that links to my sheet B, can I have an alert triggered by this change to notify me via email? Is there a better way t…
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  • Assigned to = sheet owner?
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    Is there a formula or reference for an assigned to column that would automatically be the sheet owner?  I'm trying to setup an automatic reminder email to a sheet's owner two weeks before a milestone date.
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  • Tracking Purchasing Approval
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    We are trying to find a way to track our purchasing process.  I have created a sheet with a web form, but am having trouble with the approvals part of our process.  Typically the purchaser would fill out the web form to request payment to …
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  • Show changes made in the last 24 hours (only)?
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    Is there a way to have a smartsheet highlight only those changes that have been made in the last n hours?   I look for changes to one of our smartsheets every morning and copy them to another file.  We have yellow change highlights turne…
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  • Send emails with live links other than web links
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    It would be great to have the hyperlink feature not just be limited to web sites.   If I could put a link to a file located on my network, I could then send a notification or send a row and the email that would be delivered would allow m…
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  • Send all rows via scheduled emails.
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    SmartSheet has a great option to send all data from a sheet as a PDF or XL attachment on a regular basis.   Are there any plans to be able to send all rows in a sheet as well (same as sending rows option) on a regular basis? 
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