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  • Calculate the time between two dates by days, hours and minutes
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I am trying to implement the following formula from my excel spreadsheet into my smartsheet: =INT(O2-Q2)&" Days "&HOUR(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Hour "&MINUTE(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Minutes" Basicall…
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  • Center of Excellence
    In Using Smartsheet
    If someone wants to subscribe to the Center of Excellence, can he/she do that without being a paid Smartsheet user, or does the person need to upgrade?
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  • Time Tracking - Hours and Minutes
    In Formulas and Functions
    I was working on a way to track some task hours and minutes... came up with this: One of the problems I ran into is that if you put "00" (double-ought) or any minute with a preceding zero, it would error. You can see the work-ar…
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  • Help shape the future of the Smartsheet Core Product certification exam
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    Hi Community, We need your help to create a new and improved core product certification exam. We’ve created a job tasks analysis survey to collect your feedback on the knowledge and skills that you need to work in Smartsheet. By taking th…
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  • If and Find
    In Formulas and Functions
    If cell A3 contains "ABC" then enter "ABC" in cell A1. Can someone help me do this in smartsheet?   I tried using =If(find("ABC",A3,)="ABC","ABC","X")  but its not working.   …
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  • Rows will not stay in place. NEED HELP NOW
    In Using Smartsheet
    We use a sheet as both a schedule and data collection tool as part of a much larger system we just put in place (literally 5 days ago, moved from google sheets). The information is organized manually first by employee and second by the pri…
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  • Need Help with Formula for Rolling Metrics
    In Formulas and Functions
    I am working on a 6 months rolling metrics calculation for a point system. A simple data involved will be as follows: 1) Date column 2) Points column (0-10) 3) Name column   I need to calculate a 6 months rolling sum of points, for e…
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  • Relating sheets many to many
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi there. I am trying to design a set of sheets in Smartsheet to allow two different types of projects to be related to one another. I have species projects in one sheet and site projects in another sheet. I want to relate these two she…
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  • Nonprofit looking for assistance expanding template set
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    Hello All, I'm in Operations at a nonprofit. I am hoping for assistance in building out the Template Set for Objective and Key Results (OKR) Tracker. The template set is built for 5 objective. I need it built out for 12 and I am running…
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  • Bulk Removal of Users
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    Hello, Just wanting to check if there's a way of bulk removing of Smartsheet users? I know you can bulk upload contacts/users into Smartsheet but need to know if you can do the same by removing. The reason for this is to avoid a long wind…
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