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  • Sumifs and Children
    In Formulas and Functions
    I am trying to sum the values of child row if three conditions in adjacent columns are met, from another sheet and post it on my main sheet.  I reference a parent row and need to sum the children values if they meet the three conditions . …
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    346 views 3 comments Most recent by DarekJ Formulas and Functions
  • How to add an Image into a cell in a Report
    In Using Smartsheet
    We have a single sheet broken into many reports that different users use during a process of development of a product. The sheet holds all the columns and is the single source of truth while the reports give snap shots of each step and onl…
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    Accepted Answer 23 views 3 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet
  • Effort Vs Duration
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi I am new to smartsheet and wondered if you could help. I would like to create a project plan which shows the effort required vs the duration. for example: a task may take 2 days to complete however they can complete this anytime with…
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    1.8K views 12 comments Most recent by Ted Hassanein Using Smartsheet
  • 2 or more projects sheet dependency
    In Using Smartsheet
    HI, I am using Smartsheet and I am involve in 3 projects and all are main and lead roles.  I made 3 separate sheets for each project but I realize each projects affect the other projects and then sometimes the predecessor is in another sh…
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    1.8K views 9 comments Most recent by CWats716 Using Smartsheet
  • Card View for Reports
    In Using Smartsheet
    All,  Has there been any progress with adding card view to reports?  Has this been an approved feature and scheduled for a release? Our company has been pushing a move to JIRA because of the gap with smartsheet in allowing our teams to vi…
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    3.6K views 38 comments Most recent by Frank Falco Using Smartsheet
  • Keyboard shortcut to delete a row
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi Everyone, I am used to working in excel and using keyboard shortcuts to navigate my sheets without having to use a mouse. Is there a keyboard shortcut to delete a row? if not can how do I let the product team know to add this to the dev…
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    Accepted Answer 354 views 6 comments Most recent by Gareth Davies Formulas and Functions
  • Are there plans to allow the API to create forms?
    In API & Developers
    I was wondering if you plan to include the forms object in the API anytime in the future? I have a need to create sheets and forms at  the same time. Thanks, David
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    186 views 3 comments Most recent by Metan Patel API & Developers
  • Auto populate a cell when inserting a new row
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi all, I am creating a project plan with RAG symbols. However, when I insert a new task / row, I would like the green symbol to auto populate rather than remain blank. Is there a way to show this as the green ball when inserting a new ro…
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    Answered - Pending Review 53 views 3 comments Most recent by RSP Formulas and Functions