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  • Improvement Recommendation
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    I have been working on 10 different sheets tonight, I am not done but I am off to bed. It would be nice to be able to set a reminder for sheets that I am working on, or more specificaly an update from the Dashboard for resent sheets. It wo…
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  • Impact analysis/Traceability?
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    I'm wondering how one would address this for managing changes to projects? For instance, in tools I've used in the past, I can answer the question "for the tasks/requirements that are at risk/due soon what would be impacted if it were…
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  • Cost Data Not Exporting to Microsoft Project
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    I am a hardware engineer. My project engineer starts by handing me a Microsoft Project file so I can fill in the details of how long each task is going to take and how much cost will the labor and materials will be.   I prefer importing …
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  • Is there a way to apply conditional formatting or grouping to reports?
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    Looking for a way to utilize the reports functionality.   It would really help to have conditional formatting capability as well as  grouping functions.    
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  • See summarized duration/ % for header tasks
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    I have created a master sheet that links all my project gantt charts. Unfortunately I cannot see the summerized totals - is this available as an automatic function?  I've been manually typing it in, but I'll have a lot of projects so thi…
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  • Smart Sheet Real Time Timer
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    I am looking to see if a timer function can be added to log accumulated hours and minutes on a specific task your working on real time, for aiding invoicing, and/or assessing daily/weekly productivity over a range of tasks.  Alternatively …
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  • Individual Sheet Sharing has turned into Entire Workspace Sharing???
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    We use link sharing to share individual sheets with customers and employees. Now the link provides a link to the entire workspace. Is there a reason for this change? Is there a way to still link to an individual sheet?
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  • statistics on multi projetcs
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    Hello,   I am working on many project and my boss want me to say which task is finish in advance, in time or late compare to the initial date calculated. ex: when the project is finished we want to know which tasks are good and which a…
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  • Critical Path
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    Does Smartsheet have the ability to calculate and show a gantt's critical path, like Microsoft Project's Critical Path Analysis (CPA)?
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  • Reminders based on multiple criteria
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    Hi,   The only trigger available is based on dates which is fine but I need to add a condition such as "unless item closed". Do you know of a way I can achieve this, first of all is it a feature available?   Thanks, …
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