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  • today() function
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    I would like to conditionally format date columns based on whether something is past due of not.   Can I automate that in smartsheets?
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  • Contacts - name and company as ID
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    I am using Samrtsheet where I invite many participants to view or edit the sheets. Often I also have man y different users (contacts) that should be assigned to a task. The problem occurs when I have contacts with the same name e.g. John …
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  • Need to Receive Out of Office Replies for Update Requests
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    I created a Smartsheet to collaborate with a department that is in another facility.  The nature of our collaboration can be time-sensitive, and when someone is out of the office we need to know.  The process that currently exists is to us…
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  • Help Wanted
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    I need somebody that has a good qorking knowledge of Smartsheet and can create a few event sheets for me.    thanks.
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  • Removing columns from multiple reports
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    Good morning, Upon occasion we discover that a particular column in a sheet and subsequent reports is no longer needed and should be deleted. Is there a simple way to do so, other than having to go through every report to see if that col…
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  • Autofilling Columns on different sheets
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    Is there any way to auto fill columns on different sheets. We run hundreds of events a year and it would be great if when we add an event the name of the event and other details are automatically added to our various staff members sheets w…
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  • Tip for Day to get the team to play.
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    One of the things that we have done as of late to speed the ability to work in the sheet and for people to move about in the sheet is hyperlink your sub sheets to your master sheet. The Hyperlink creates a fast way to go to anothe sheet wi…
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  • Monitoring project activity
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    Has anyone got tips for quick ways to see who last updated a project and when it was last modified?   I'd like to be able to quickly identify which projects have not been visited by their project lead for a given period of time so I can …
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  • Suggestion for update requests
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    It would be really useful if the text, timing and recurrence of update requests could be amended after setting them up. This would allow the requests to be a more substantial and reliable tool for on-going communication with project leads.…
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  • Microsoft Project Import
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    Hi All,    I use smartsheets mostly as a project management system for my clientbase. Most of my clients reuiqre porject schedules to be in Microsoft porject and I prefer doing my plans in MSP as it has much more funcatonality in terms o…
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