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  • Count If Current Week
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi Everyone, I have some daily data with dates and I want to get the week to date numbers off that data (Monday - Sunday of current week). I know countif is needed but I'm not sure how to go thru the rest. Your help is appreciated.
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  • RTF in Dashboard Widget
    In Using Smartsheet
    I downloaded an example dashboard which tracked multiple projects.  Looked good and decided to build my dashboard to match example.  Example dashboard has a Rich Text Widget which has multiple formats within.  However when I try to use the…
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  • Quickbooks & Smartsheet
    In API & Developers
    So. I've been working on this Quickbooks & Smartsheet Integration for a couple of years now for my own internal use.  It has many application & the proof of concept exists and we use it.  We use it for an approval process (for in…
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  • Commercial Real Estate
    In Using Smartsheet
    I had started a community thread about incorporating smartsheets into our commercial real estate process.  I have built several sheets, dashboards, reports for our team but would really like to connect with someone that could give further …
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  • Document Management Systems
    In API & Developers
    Hello All, We are using SS and considering DMS options (Efilecabinet, Box, M-file) to manage the bulk of docs we handle in the process. Wondering if anyone in the community that has a DMS in place can provide feedback or advice on their …
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  • Volunteer Allocation
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi All,  I am attempting to find a solution for a specific manual task that is error prone and very time intensive - We need about 300 volunteers occasionally on short notice and need them across multiple cities in 20-50 specific location…
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    101 views 3 comments Most recent by Brianne Laird Formulas and Functions
  • Calculate the time between two dates by days, hours and minutes
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I am trying to implement the following formula from my excel spreadsheet into my smartsheet: =INT(O2-Q2)&" Days "&HOUR(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Hour "&MINUTE(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Minutes" Basicall…
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  • Email User Completed Form
    In Using Smartsheet
    I have created a form to capture some series of data. One of the fields on the form is for the user that is completing the form to key in their email address.  I would like to create workflow automation when a certain trigger has taken pla…
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  • Check the Checkbox on multiple lines together
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello everyone I would like to know if it is possible Check the Checkbox on multiple lines together
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  • Formula to check a box when date entered + 2 days
    In Formulas and Functions
    Does anyone know if it is possibly to set a box to check a certain amount of time after a date is imputed into a row.  For instance, we need a lag time on a project complete date of 48 hours. This is for a manufacturer that needs 48 hours…
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    81 views 17 comments Most recent by Paul Newcome Formulas and Functions