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  • Reporting: Linking two sheets on a common column
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    In reporting I have picked two sheets. They have a common primary column name. The columns do consolidate (i.e. there is only one column with this name). But...I have two rows for each, i.e. row 1 is from sheet 1 and row 2 is from sheet tw…
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  • Anyone else's sheets not filtering since May 7th release
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    Our reports are no longer filtering on key fields like status and priorities.  We noticed it on Monday May 9th and everything was working fine May 6th.  Makes our reports contain alot of past items as now not filtering out complete tasks.…
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  • smart change of column name
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    Hi,   i need to change several column names in my smartsheet. I have entire workspace built around this sheet, using it as data source. I have multiple reports that show/filter on this column, and if i simply change the name, reports st…
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  • time based reports?
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    I'm sure what I'm looking to do is not that difficult, I just can't find a way to achieve it. What I have is a sheet that consists of quote amounts ($) that are relative to a quote date. What I want to do is to look at how many dollars we …
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  • Enhancement Request: Open new Report for editing
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    is there a reason that when I create a new Report (using the Create New button/menu) that the Report does not immediately open for editing?   (I can't think of one)   Craig
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  • users feel intimidated by Smartsheet
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    I collaborate with many people who have no PM experience and/or prefer memo-style information over cell-based.  Some people feel overwhelmed by the tool so they send emails rather than update Smartsheet.  Beyond the training and show-me se…
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  • Using Smartsheet data to populate project documents
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    I looking for opportunities to streamline the production of project updates / documentation by trying work out the best way to use data already captured in various smartsheets to populate project updates to our product development steering…
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  • Reports / Master Calendar
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    Hi there, it's me again. So here's the thing... We are a small test facility. We are trying to track jobs that are nothing like eachother using the same equipment and people resources. Sometimes we have 2 people resources on the same job…
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  • Display report data rolled Up?
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    Hi there   I’m currently running an exercise where we are asking a group of 30 users 10 sets of questions each. Each set of questions has its own web form so there should be 10 responses from each user (300 separate rows in total). I hav…
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  • Add Years to a Date
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    If Term_Effective_Date = 12/07/15 and Terms_In_Year = 3 Years.   What is the formula to calcuate the New Date? I need to add 3 years to 12/07/15.    =DATE(YEAR(Term_Effecitve_Date2) + [Terms_In _Year]2, MONTH(Term_Effecitve_Date2), DAY…
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