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  • Resource mgmt - Allocating less (or more) than 8 hours a day for a resource
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    All. My team spends 15% of their time in other activities like meetings, career development, system support, etc. I would like to use Smartsheet resource mgmt functionality but only allocating approx 6 hours a day for my resources. How ca…
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  • Adding Resource for Resource View
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    Hi,   I want to use the resource views being a project manager. How can I add colleagues who are testing smartsheets already. I get a system error when I try to add them with ther Firs, Lastname and EMailaddress. Also ztried to import al…
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  • If cells are linked are the resources still counted twice?
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    I have a few projects where I need to have different views of the same information. But by doing this does it mess up the Resource View? Will it just put too much allocation towards the same project for instance...or is there a way to isol…
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  • Centralized Resource Management
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    We have just purchased a team license for our company and are looking for ways to manage resources on the project.  The way that we currently do it is we have each of the resources allocated to the projects that they are working on, and on…
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  • Resource Management
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    Hi   Is there a way to show calibrators in the resource view?   It appears only limited to licenced users.   Many thanks, Dan
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  • social media symbol set
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    Since we can't upload our own set of symbols, you really should add a social media symbol set to the choices.  It would be incredibly helpful when it comes to media planning and tracking, to be able to make a drop down with those symbols. …
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  • Linking for resource tracking
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    Hi, I'm using rows linking when one task is needed for different projects. The Allocation % field is linked as well in such situation. The problem is that Smartsheet treats linked allocations as two different tasks and adds allocations, in…
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  • Misaligned column headers
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    How do i realign columns and columnn headers in a large sheet?  They appear progressively more staggered across the page.  Here is a shot of the page about half way across,    Very confusing!   Thanks,  Ray.  
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  • Resource modelling
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    Is there away to use the resource management features of Smartsheet to model resource allocation and viewing demand, conflict, allocation of resources by skill, visualisaiton of resource availability. I want oo do resource modelling agains…
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