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  • Dollar and Percent Symbols Not Showing
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    I've been playing with this for some time now but havent' figured out the way to have these symbols show up in my sheets. Would anyone here be able to point me in the right direction with this? 
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  • Critical Path
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    Does Smartsheet have the ability to calculate and show a gantt's critical path, like Microsoft Project's Critical Path Analysis (CPA)?
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  • Can you add a VAT field in a smartsheet?
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    I want to add a field that automatically works out the VAT in a seperate field so i can calculate how much VAT we pay on services. Is this possible?   I have tried to add a formula e.g =SUM(amount)*20% and also +=SUM(amount)*0.2 Neither…
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  • reccurent dates
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    Hello,   Is it possible to produce a reccurent date?   kind regards   Ivan
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  • Creating Logic on a Smartsheet
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    Hello, I hope someone can help! If i have a batch of data that I want my contributing editors of a smartsheet to select, is it possible to add logic? for example see below: My company has 2 stores, each offering slightly different services…
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