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  • Critical Path
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    Does Smartsheet have the ability to calculate and show a gantt's critical path, like Microsoft Project's Critical Path Analysis (CPA)?
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  • Can you add a VAT field in a smartsheet?
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    I want to add a field that automatically works out the VAT in a seperate field so i can calculate how much VAT we pay on services. Is this possible?   I have tried to add a formula e.g =SUM(amount)*20% and also +=SUM(amount)*0.2 Neither…
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  • reccurent dates
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    Hello,   Is it possible to produce a reccurent date?   kind regards   Ivan
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  • Creating Logic on a Smartsheet
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    Hello, I hope someone can help! If i have a batch of data that I want my contributing editors of a smartsheet to select, is it possible to add logic? for example see below: My company has 2 stores, each offering slightly different services…
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