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  • Reports Not Updating
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    I've been having issues for over 2 weeks where my reports aren't refreshing. It might take hours. Even manually refreshing the reports does not work. New information on the sheets do not get pulled by the reports. This is causing issues wi…
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  • Pie Charts
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    I was eager to checkout the recently released Smartsheet Charts, I have produced a couple of Pie Charts based on some real time data but seem to have found that limited funtionality/formatability (e.g. Not able to re-position labels) restr…
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    992 views 5 comments Most recent by Pam Dunn Using Smartsheet
  • Feature request: ability to edit and link to sheet cells from a Dashboard
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    Hi! Following up on this feature request, we would also like to request the ability to edit cells from a Dashboard and well as linking to them. Our use case is simple: our team uses dashboards for individual task and team management, and…
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  • Dashboard Widget Dividers
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    Is there an easy way to get a diving line or border between widgets on a dashboard?  The only thing we've found is to insert images of lines from Powerpoint - not the best.
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  • Feature request: Hashtags to create automatic reports
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    Hello! So, the story is: Our team is using a Smartsheet workspace to coordinate the production and deployment of assets of an entire Content and Marketing department. We have created sheets for each type of process/asset (Social Media, V…
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  • Capture historical data for KPI dashboard
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    Having real-time data available for our dashboards and reports has improved our management capabilities.  I want to be able to share how we have been doing over time, as well.  I want to capture and report KPIs over time.  I have a report …
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  • Why is my chart blurry on my dashboard?
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    I recently tested the Chart widget and like the functionality, but I can't ignore the fact the text is blurry. People I have shared the dashboard with also have remarked on how blurry the text is.  Is this a problem others have experience…
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    458 views 8 comments Most recent by Barbara Tavares Using Smartsheet
  • Resizing the Image Widget
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    Is there capability to adjust the white space around the image, in the Image widget on a dashboard?  When I insert a logo, there is a good amount of white space bordering the image, and therefore takes up much more room that it needs to on…
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    1.7K views 11 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet
  • Create/Update/Delete APIs for Sight Widgets
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    I don't see any Create/Update/Delete APIs for Sight Widgets (Read is handled via getting a sight given it's id). In the docs, the sight update command can only be used to rename the site. I've tried to pass in the complete JSON for the sig…
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  • Charts in Dashboard
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    Good morning.  I've been playing around with the new chart feature in Dashboards and I'm having some difficulty with percentages.  It defaults to 200% using up valuable space on the dashboard.  How can I reduce that to 100%? 
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