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  • Salesforce ServiceCloud Users/Connections
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi Smartsheet Community, We're thinking of some use cases for helping Smartsheet users utilize Salesforce ServiceCloud data more effectively and efficiently.   Any Salesforce ServiceCloud users out there who would be willing to chat with…
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  • Inspection Records
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello I want to produce a record for equipment inspections.  There will be over 100 items of equipment to list and inspection frequencies vary.  I will need to show evidence that the inspection has been carried out, by whom and on what da…
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    256 views 4 comments Most recent by Debbie Sawyer Using Smartsheet
  • Macro or VBA funtions
    In Using Smartsheet
    I'd like to be able to create a macro or VBA code that would allow me to create a job folder on our local server using data from my smartsheet. The VBA code in Access looks like this: Private Sub cmdCreateCaseFolder_Click() If Dir("…
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    2.9K views 4 comments Most recent by Richard Rymill SBP Using Smartsheet
  • Supplier Management - Template
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, I cannot find a pre existing template in smartsheet templates Do any smartsheet users have an existing template on their smartsheet account for Supplier/Vendor Performance or Evaluation, preferably with pre defined criteria, and pre …
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  • Sunday IT operations
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    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to force a task to be planned a particular day of week (sunday in my case) ? Saturday and sunday are not working days but for special IT operations we need to work a day off. Thanks for your…
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    12 views 4 comments Most recent by arkitektur Using Smartsheet
  • Nested IF(ISBLANK & Date Columns w/Progress Bar
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi Everyone! I would like to know if you are able to use date columns when automating a progress bar.  Basically dates are entered as product moves to a new stage in the process. As the dates fill in, the progress bar fills as well. I've …
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    69 views 2 comments Most recent by lisarae723 Formulas and Functions
  • Find and Replace to edit references
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi!    I am trying to edit the three cross-sheet references in all the columns from the master sheet of 2018 to master sheet of 2019. Since I need to repeat it for almost 1200 cells. Is there a way to bulk edit like Find and Replace or …
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    347 views 1 comment Most recent by Paul Newcome Formulas and Functions
  • SUMIF with two Ranges.??
    In Formulas and Functions
    I want to create a cross-sheet formula and have two conditions for the formula to go through to result in a value.  If the value in column1 is 1 and column2 is VendorX then sum all values in column3 corresponding to the conditions.  I am…
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    2.3K views 3 comments Most recent by Swathi.Chaturvedi Formulas and Functions
  • COUNTIF Formula for when a cell contains a specific word/phrase?
    In Formulas and Functions
    I'm trying to create a formula that allows me to count the number of times the word "Postcard", for example, appears in a list in a column. I am referencing a column in another sheet to do so. However, nothing I've tried works.  …
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    2.1K views 2 comments Most recent by Mike Wilday Formulas and Functions
  • Return entire row when value is matched in another sheet
    In Using Smartsheet
    I have a source sheet with hundreds of rows of entries. One of the columns is named Property. There are many different values under this column. I have a destination sheet for each one of these possible values (in this case, a property).  …
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    120 views 2 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå Using Smartsheet