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  • Publishing a dashboard with embeded code. Error: "The sheet you are trying to publish is no longer..
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    I am trying to publish a dashboard with embeded code into a sharepoint site and I get the error "The sheet you are trying to publish is no longer published. Please contact the owner" I am the owner and the link of publishing is O…
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  • Dashboard Metric Widget White Space
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    I'm working with a metric widget in a dashboard and I'd like to minimize the amount of white space that appears between the label and the data/information presented. If I make the widget narrower the white space decreases but then there i…
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  • Can't plot data eventhough I have access
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    Hello, I have troubles plotting the data of a certain smartsheet. I tried copying it from the smartsheet as well as recreating the chart from scratch. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Data source is a filtered report.
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  • Sheet Summary Report with Dropdown
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    I'm creating a sheet summary report to use for a dashboard and have my source data broken out by phases. I'd like to be able to group the report data by phase, so I tried adding a single selection dropdown to the sheet summary. However, it…
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  • Dashboard- weekly project status submissions
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    Hi, I would like to create a monthly dashboard that displays which project managers have submitted their status each week. I have a master Project Management Sheet where project managers submit their status. I plan to have an automation t…
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  • Countifs with Row Reference
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello I have about 100 lines of Primary data in a column that will reference another sheet that I am summarizing. I am trying to create a COUNTIFS formula that will use the Row Reference for the Primary Column to count column data from the…
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  • Smartsheet report cell linking not working
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    Hello, I am trying to edit a Smartsheet report to update a dashboard and cannot get the content to populate. I linked the correct cells into a summary sheet called Portfolio and the data is populating correctly. But when I go to pull in a …
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  • Dashboard chart from a report
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    I have a report which collects data from multiple sheets - this includes project health using RYG status. I would like to add a pie chart to reflect project health on the dashboard using the collected data on the report and it's giving me…
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  • Using Smartsheet for Event Registration Acceptance and/or Event Registration Reporting
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    1) Are you using Smartsheet to collect registrations for your events? 2) Are you using Smartsheet to report on event registrations in a shared report or dashboard? 3) Can we collaborate? We are an association membership community with a…
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    Answered ✓ 228 views 8 comments Most recent by Asha Krishnan Using Smartsheet