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  • Refund Tracking Smartsheet- Ideas or Template
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    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am overseeing customer refunds for our company. Our company requires customers to make a refund preference so when there is a refund due to them, we can deliver it to them as quickly as possible. However, beca…
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  • Pasted text from OneNote to Smartsheet cell appears as an image?!
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    Hi, When you paste text from OneNote into a cell in Smartsheet it appears as an image.  This is so annoying.  See attachment. The only workaround is to paste the text into a web browser or word document, then copy/paste that back into Sm…
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  • Automated import through the API
    In API & Developers
    Dear Smartsheet-Community, I am doing a semesterthesis in coorporation with a company that has been using Smartsheet for a while. My job is to create an automated order tool for AM parts, which serves as an order backlog including the 3D …
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  • Jira Connector: Where did the lightning bolt shortcut go?
    In Apps, Integrations, and Add Ons
    There used to be a jira connector shortcut that looked like a lightning bolt on the vertical menu that seems to have disappeared for everyone at my company. Does anyone know how to get this back?
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    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi everyone, To improve our warehouse we are making a stock tracking. It works like this: When someone takes something from the stock they fill in a form and tick 'use something'. If they bring something back they also fill in the form an…
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  • Smartsheet to SQL Server
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    Hi Team, Just curious Is it possible to link Smartsheet to SQL Server to fetch data?Thanks  
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  • Free Data Shuttle Webinar - March 16
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    Hello! We will be hosting a free webinar on March 16th "Intro to Data Shuttle." Join us here to learn how to automatically and seamlessly upload, or offload, data between Smartsheet and other tools.
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  • Can we bulk export sheets to PDF that are part of a report?
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    This question stems from a previous topic. Given a report that pulls from 10 sheets (updated by different PM), can I bulk export all sheets to PDF so I can drop them in a Box folder for archiving with a weekly report summary?
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  • Excel Import
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    What are the prerequisites for importing an Excel spreadsheet into a new sheet.  I read number of columns, size and row constraints, which my Excel spreadsheet meets.  I am getting a warning regarding fields cannot be more than 50 characte…
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  • Sub different projects & Sync information possible?
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    Is it possible for smart sheet to allow to manage multiple sub projects within a master project? Each of these sub projects will be updating the tasks and data separately but it should allow to get synced on to this master project whenever…
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