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  • Dashboard Form Widget - Product Enhancement
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    I am sure that I am not the only one that has copied a dashboard with needing to go back and edit the "web content" widget which contains a Smartsheet form. It seems like this is one of the few things that does not update when yo…
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  • Chart Formatting
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    I've created a chart that color codes requisitions by open or closed, its a pie chart to be specific. It works perfectly when neither of the values is zero. However when I get with a day with zero "open" for example, the format…
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  • Unable to display chart error
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    I am creating a duplicate dashboard to one previously created. I add the source sheet and it looks fine. When I save it, the source sheet is gone and it says "unable to display chart". Is this a known issue and is there a fix? Up…
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  • How can I set Report widgets within a Dashboard to automatically update?
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    I am using multiple report widgets in a single Dashboard to show test result data. The only method for updating the widgets to show the latest data is to open the source sheet and save it. This would be labour intensive to have to manage e…
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  • Correcting chart spacing
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    I am creating a chart on a dash board using a sheet summary report pulling data from 2 sheets. I am having difficulty arranging the columns as desired no matter how I adjust the widget tools or the columns in the report Specifically, One …
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  • Display a Twitter feed on a Dashboard
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    Hello all, I am currently creating a "front page" dashboard for my organisation just now. As part of this, I was trying to use the embed links on the Web Content Widget to set up a live Twitter feed on the Dashboard. I have not…
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  • COUNTIF Empty returns 10 extra lines
    In Using Smartsheet
    New to Smartsheet - Built a primary sheet, populated by form. 👍️ Now building a Metrics sheet to gather Status row counts to build a Database w/metric widgets. For some reason 10 extra rows are being added to my primary sheet when I use th…
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  • How have folks summarized statistics from multiple sheets to feed a chart widget?
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    Our marketing folks use a new sheet for every campaign. During the span of a few months, there could be several dozen such sheets active. They are all built from a template and reside in the same folder . Within each sheet there are severa…
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  • How to hide the item # column & reduce header size in a published report
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    In the below example, I have embedded a report widget (top) and a web content widget (bottom) in a dashboard. In a published web content widget, is there a way to hide the item/row # column, and a way to reduce the header size to appear s…
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