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  • Our newest template set, Vaccination Tracking, has just been published to Solution Center!
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    Organizations authorized to administer vaccinations during a period of great demand face an uphill battle; the requirement to precisely track, manage, and report on individual records, while facilitating a high-volume request intake proces…
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  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
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    Has anyone attempted to validate a Grid to meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance?
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  • Physician Staffing
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    I have been asked to develop a physician staffing plan, along with physician recruiting tracking, and various dashboards that show staffing trends over time to understand gaps. Does anyone have something similar they have developed or woul…
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  • Reports
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    Has anyone created a report that was able to pull data from both sheets and forms that are attached to sheets?
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  • Finance: Forecasting Clinical Trials in pharma/biotech
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    Hi All, For those in finance, do you use smart sheets to manage long-range planning of clinical trials, as well as program plans? Would love to hear ideas and connect!
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  • what can Smartsheet do that a typical EMR can't?
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    I need to generate a list of needs for Smartsheet in areas that EMRs are unable to provide. How can automation and formulas be used to facilitate workflow in healthcare. Can Smartsheet be used as a patient portal.
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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking and Distribution
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    Hello Healthcare Community! My name is Brianne and I work as the healthcare vertical program owner in customer success at Smartsheet. Over the last few weeks, we have been seeing an increased number of our healthcare clients having a need …
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  • JC or DPH Audit findings transfer from website to Smartsheet
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    Good evening, at the suggestion of the SS tech support I am putting a question out here to see if someone else has solved this conundrum. We would like to be able to track our JC and DPH findings, closure and sustainment for audit finding…
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  • New Feature Published Dashboard
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    Hey all! With Engage 2020 behind us I wanted to share this published dashboard which lays out all the new feature releases and announcements. Is there anything specific on this dashboard that resonates with you?
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