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  • Near Miss Reporting
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    We're wanting to create a form for reporting 'Near Misses' to share with our site managers. One of the questions on the form would ask what category the near miss would fall into such as 'slips,trips and falls', electrical, housekeeping et…
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  • Shape how you'll build future connections in the Smartsheet Community 🙏🏻
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    As an active Smartsheet Community Group member, we would love to ask you about your experience in connecting with others on this platform. Please take this short (we promise!) survey HERE. To give us feedback on other parts of the Communit…
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  • Best way to learn?
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    New to Smartsheet. Can anyone weigh in on an overall learning path - free, paid, Smartsheet University? I'm in a Project Management role in my organization and want to move away from excel to smartsheet as our primary tool
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    Question 26 views 0 comments Started by Stemme
  • Welcome to our new community tailored for construction
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    We’re excited to finally launch this group after receiving numerous requests to connect with other GCs and subs. You’ll find that many folks may be facing the same challenges as you and have advice and suggestions to share.  We encourage y…
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  • Setting up billing rates in grid view?
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    As a newbie, I'm trying to set up billing rates in Grid View by job title, but I'm finding the help documentation in SmartSheet lacking (see attached screen shot). Is this even possible in Grid View? Or is Gantt View the only option? Or, i…
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  • Setting up Bill Rates in Grid View?
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    I'm trying to set up bill rates by job title in Grid View, but finding the help documentation lacking in SmartSheets. Is this possible or are bill rate matrices only available in Gantt View? Basically, when I select a job title for the wor…
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  • Managing complex, multi-sheet schedules
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    We are building a large multi-family project. We set up our schedules to be broken out by building permit shell and units. There are 99 sheets in total built using the standard project template with some customizations. Our plan was to ro…
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  • Procore integrations/process mapping
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    For the teams that use Procore (Project Financials/Project Management), how are you deciding what to use Procore for vs. Smartsheet. Is anyone using Smartsheet sync to integrate Document Management or Scheduling in both platforms? Thanks,
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  • Designing a bid list
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    I work for an electrical distributor and we use Smartsheet's for our bid list and all project info gets stored there. I took over the management of the sheets early this year due to them being really clunky in design along with having next…
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  • Checklists
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    If you run your schedule out of Smartsheet, how do you hand attaching checklists to certain tasks? For instance, we might want to add a Q/A checklist to a flooring installation task to check for items like finish, correct item installed, c…
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