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  • Designing a bid list
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    I work for an electrical distributor and we use Smartsheet's for our bid list and all project info gets stored there. I took over the management of the sheets early this year due to them being really clunky in design along with having next…
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  • Checklists
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    If you run your schedule out of Smartsheet, how do you hand attaching checklists to certain tasks? For instance, we might want to add a Q/A checklist to a flooring installation task to check for items like finish, correct item installed, c…
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  • Call ups and reminders
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    We are residential builders and I am trying to set reminders for call ups. For some reason I am not able to access dynamic reminders, where I can choose how many days prior to the task I want the reminder. Just wondering how other people d…
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  • Moving from start-up project to company business in the construction sector
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    I have been using smartsheet for one year as individual. My brothers and I created a start-up project which ended up as a company in the construction sector. I want to upgrade my smartsheet profile but the system does not allow me to do s…
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  • Budget Management
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    All I wanted to show you how I am using smartsheet to keep my budget reporting in real-time. I have 3 sheets 1) A Budget sheet 2) An Invoice Sheet 3) A Project Action Log The purposes are as follows Budget sheet This houses my line my appr…
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  • Document Builder and Mapping
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    Hello, thank you in advance for reading. I've created a PDF document and I've mapped the fields to the columns in my sheet. However I keep getting a non specific error message when I try to generate the document with the mapped informat…
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  • Virtual User Group Recording - March 24
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    If you missed our March 24 Construction Virtual User Group, no worries - we recorded it for you! Here is the agenda we covered: Customer Spotlight: Hear how fellow Smartsheet user Mike Vaughn, Project Coordinator at Edmonds Engineering, u…
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  • Handling Construction Submittals via Forms
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    Good Day All, We're a construction management company, and we're new to Smartsheet. We're trying to handle all submittals, revisions, approvals Online, using Forms for submittals, and Sheets to capture submissions. I apologize for the len…
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  • Handling Submittals through Forms
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    Good Day All, I'm new to smartsheets, and trying to figure out the best way to handle Submittals. The Goal is to handle the whole process of submittal and approvals online, with final step being Generating Document, to be signed and archi…
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  • Schedule of Values
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    Has anyone created a sheet for Schedule of Values? Ultimately I am wanting to insert the project budget and tag the budget lines to the SOV lines. I can then go through and identify percent complete on the budget areas or on the SOV and it…
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