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  • How do you delete attachments from Dynamic View?
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    Is there a way for users to delete attachments they've added to Dynamic View? I'm not seeing this as an option, but maybe I'm missing something.
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  • Headers and Titles
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    Is there a feature for adding Headings/Titles without an empty text box into DV? Many thanks!
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  • Is it possible to add an active URL to DV? (without an additional app?
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    We are using DV as a form (to pre populate) and have many URLs. Anyway for them and hyperlinks to be clickable? When I put them in they remain inactive.
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  • Responding to Comments in Dynamic View
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    When I comment and @mention someone in a comment in Dynamic View, an email is generated to that person but when they respond, it takes them to the Smartsheet instead of the Dynamic View. This user does not have access to the sheet by desig…
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  • Does Dynamic View Support Row Grouping & Summary?
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    I know that Smartsheet Grids & Reports can group rows and summarize rows, however, can Dynamic View?
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    Answered - Pending Review 34 views 1 comment Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • Re-order Rows...
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    Is a user able to re-order the rows displayed in their Dynamic View? If so, does this affect the data in the sheet? In this specific instance we are using Dynamic view to capture status of projects. The user wanted to be able to highlig…
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  • Dynamic View and Formulas on smartsheet
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    We have created a source sheet to collect data, in the source sheet we used formulas to pull in (cross-reference) data from other smartsheets. When we created the dynamic view from this source sheet our team members are unable to update th…
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  • Android/Chrome Browser - Comments/Data/Attachments not visible
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    Seems to be a few of our users are unable to view Dynamic View with Android devices - Looks like the Data/Attachments/Comments tabs are not visible under the Details pane. Any advice? am I missing something?
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  • Creating Active URL to specific Dynamic View Row
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    Hello I have a process that is initiated with a sheet form in order to gather Lookup Data that is then carried into the Dynamic View. After submitting the form, the form submission takes them to the Dynamic View landing page. Is there a wa…
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    Answered - Pending Review 35 views 2 comments Most recent by Kelly Moore
  • Smartsheet Native Experience vs Dynamic View Only
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    Hi Smartsheet, We are planning to build out Dynamic Views. One of the primary business drivers of using Dynamic Views is to prevent users from deleting data. What I'm observing in commentaries is that taking the users from the "nativ…
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