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  • Android/Chrome Browser - Comments/Data/Attachments not visible
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    Seems to be a few of our users are unable to view Dynamic View with Android devices - Looks like the Data/Attachments/Comments tabs are not visible under the Details pane. Any advice? am I missing something?
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  • Creating Active URL to specific Dynamic View Row
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    Hello I have a process that is initiated with a sheet form in order to gather Lookup Data that is then carried into the Dynamic View. After submitting the form, the form submission takes them to the Dynamic View landing page. Is there a wa…
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  • Smartsheet Native Experience vs Dynamic View Only
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    Hi Smartsheet, We are planning to build out Dynamic Views. One of the primary business drivers of using Dynamic Views is to prevent users from deleting data. What I'm observing in commentaries is that taking the users from the "nativ…
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  • Inconsistent Date Formatting
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    I created a dynamic view off of a sheet on which every row has a date formatted as Thursday January 21, 2021; however, on the dynamic view, about half the rows are formatted 01/21/2021. I've tried deleting and re-entering the dates on the…
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  • Slow saving of new records
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    It takes an inordinate amount of time to save new records and changes using the details panel. I do have quite a number of logic rules driving the fields that are shown depending on the selection and wondering if this is causing the slowne…
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  • How do I auto-populate in Dynamic View
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    I am looking to put together a simple form/automation but would like the information to be shown. What am I doing wrong? Thank you :)
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  • Dynamic View Sharing
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    I want to share the view based off of the contact column in the source sheet. The contacts added to the source sheet are all external clients. Is there a way for me to share the view to all contacts in the source sheet column and for it to…
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  • Can you freeze a pane in Dynamic View?
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    I have a number of views created with a lot of information, but only a few elements that are available in the details panel (only the items that are available for updating are in the panel), but would like to be able to freeze the primary …
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  • Ability to copy a view and configure the filter
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    It would be great to be able to copy a view and just change the filter or even the source sheet as well and not have to recreate all of the form logic that can get quite complex. Is this a feature that will be coming soon?
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  • Activity Log in Dynamic View
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    Hello, as sys admins is there a way to see an activity log for a Dynamic View List - who has accessed the list and when? Thanks
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