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  • Have you tried out Dynamic View with WorkApps yet?
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    If you haven't heard, our latest product WorkApps pairs great with Dynamic View! With WorkApps, you can streamline your business and simplify collaboration with easy-to-use web and mobile apps built directly from your sheets, forms, repor…
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  • Dynamic View Save Failed
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    Dear all, I hope you could help me with my Dynamic View that continue to do not allow me to save data giving back the message "Save Failed. Please try again". Could you help me to understand the route cause? which kind of error c…
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  • Dynamic View in Dashboard
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    HI there, I have setup up demo Dynamic View in which the source is a Report that filters the content based on various conditions and this displays correctly when accessing from a Dynamic View. I have subsequently embedded the Dynamic View …
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  • Why is Dynamic View only pulling through one set of drop downs for a specific column?
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    I am new to using Dynamic View. I have three sheets that I combined into a row report and then have been trying to create my view off of that report. I have a column named request type on all three sheets and each sheets has different drop…
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  • Adding New Rows through Dynamic View - Can only enter 1 row, then you need to exit & click "New"?
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    I noticed today that if I add a new row through Dynamic View and save, instead of allowing me to enter the next row, DV goes into "Edit" mode on the row I just entered. The row doesn't get highlighted and there's no visual indica…
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  • Load Time
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    Has anyone noticed how long it takes a dynamic view to load? is it just me or is it reallllyyyy slow.
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  • Restrict Editing but Allow New (dyanmic view)
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    Hi, Is it possible to restrict editing of existing rows but allow submission of new rows? I tried locking the columns and rows but that did not work. TIA.
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  • When to expect @mentions to work in Dynamic View?
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    We use Dynamic View to review HR requests. The comments are used by budget and HR to discuss the status of the HR requests. We occasionally need to ask the requester a question and would like to use @mentions to email a comment/questions…
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  • Having a comment or attachment indicator available in dynamic view
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    Hi I am now starting to create a number of dynamic views for a programme plan. I would like the indicator if there is an attachment or comment to show (just like it does in the sheet). I know the workaround could be (add a field and then …
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  • Chat on dynamic view
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    Do you know when will chat works like a regular sheet? I mean on regular sheet you chat selecting or tag specific contact(s) list and on dynamic view you must write email. Thanks
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