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  • Shape how you'll build future connections in the Smartsheet Community 🙏🏻
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    As an active Smartsheet Community Group member, we would love to ask you about your experience connecting with others on this platform. Please take this short (we promise!) survey HERE. To give us feedback on other parts of the Community,…
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  • Best Practices- Creating new smartsheets on annual campaigns and events
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    Hi There, I'm still a bit of a newbie since I've only been using smartsheets over the past year. So I wanted to reach out to smartsheet experts like yourselves, to see if there are recommendations on some best practices that I could share…
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  • Welcome to the NEW Nonprofit Community Group!
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    We designed this group with one thing in mind.. YOU! To ensure that your time here is met with plenty of learnings, sharings, and networking opportunities, here is a form for you to vote on activities and submit group related suggestions. …
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  • A Beginner's question coming from a self-taught 4+ year Smartsheet user...
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    Apologies for the basic nature of this question. I am a Director of a NP that sends disadvantaged kids to sleep-away camps. I have three main areas of concentration: 1. The Camps (who offer the scholarships), 2. Our Educators (who select t…
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  • Customer Stories
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    BakerRipley quickly delivered emergency food and support to thousands of Houston families hit by the COVID-19 crisis. How did they do it? Read more on the BakerRipley story and learn how they relied on the Smartsheet mobile app to complete…
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  • Smartsheet Resources & more
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    In the spirit of sharing, we'd like to surface a few resources that might help you, regardless of where you are at on your journey with Smartsheet! Getting Started This past year at our 4th annual customer conference we dedicated a set of…
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  • Adopting an Agile Mindset
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    Hi, I work as part of the PMO for a non-profit who does plant, soil, and animal research along with consultation to area farmers and ranchers. We are currently going through strategic planning for a more narrow focus of our efforts. Our …
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  • Form Responses: Tips & Tricks
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    Welcome to the Nonprofit Community Group and thank you to those of you who filled out this form to let us know what you’re looking to gain from this group! The type of post with the highest number of requests was for Smartsheet Tips & …
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