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  • Are you a PMO Org and have recently implemented control center?
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    Would love to connect. We are a few weeks out from engagement with PS to build out control center for my PMO group and would love to hear from someone who just did this to talk thru their learnings. What did they wish they knew, what are s…
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  • Links in a SCC Templates
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    All the templates in our Project Toolkit have links that will allow you to move between templates in a provisioned project. There are some links we find we don't use as much and would like to de-clutter that area by creating a link to the …
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    14 views 0 comments Started by Tina Rustvold
  • Creating 10,000 ft Project with SCC
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    Hi All, I might be losing my mind, but I think it might have been mentioned in the user group yesterday that there was an enhancement to SCC and 10K. Is there a way that once a project in SCC has been created, it will automatically create …
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  • Do Document Builder Templates Get Provisioned in Control Center
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    Hi, has anyone tested if you have a document template mapped into Document Builder on a sheet template in your blueprint, when you provision a project does the document template get provisioned in the new project (life a form does)? And if…
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  • Dashboard widget "owners" on Dashboards launched from CC?
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    Hello, We have a licensed admin account (CVIA Admin) which owns all sheets, reports, and dashboards launched from Control Center. This has helped us avoid a large number of issues when people leave. We recently had a user leave who was one…
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  • Starting a New Blueprint from Scratch - Does anyone have Documentation/Best Practices?
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    I just found out that we're getting Advance Platinum Tier with our renewal (Yay!) which means I'll be getting unlimited blueprints (Yay!).... We currently only have 1, and we had consultants who set it up for us and minimal documentatio…
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  • Can't Deselect Profile Data Fields in Blueprint Summary
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    Hi! I am setting up a Control Center blueprint and am at the Blueprint Summary step. I want to deselect some of the fields that exist in my main template as well as my rollup sheet, but the UI will not let me uncheck these fields. Does any…
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  • Renaming Shorcuts
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    Hi All! Was curious if anyone has any neat tricks to rename shortcuts so that SCC won't change the displayed name from a dashboard. In the past I've been able to edit the name in my template dashboard by adding a character, saving, refresh…
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  • Report sheet refresh
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    Hi, after the project was created some columns were not correctly set, is there any way to ask contorl center to rebuild the reporting sheet ?
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  • Changing Name of Project in Control Center
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    Hi! Some of the names of our projects have changed since provisioning and I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the name within the Control Center environment so it matches. It doesn't affect the objects that were provisio…
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