New to the Community and Content Submission Guidelines

In the Community, you can interact with other Smartsheet customers to get help and share best practices. The Community is moderated by Smartsheet employees to ensure that answers are accurate, helpful, and appropriate.

Here's more information to help you get started:

All posts and comments are monitored. Moderators have the right to remove any discussion or post and ban users from the Community who violate our guidelines or Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about our policies, please Contact Smartsheet Support.

Create an Account in the Community

You must have a Smartsheet account to join the Community (if you do not have a Smartsheet account, you can quickly create one). You'll use the same credentials—email and password—in Community that you use in Smartsheet.

To get started participating in Community, sign in (use the Sign In to Community button in the upper-right corner of this page).

The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to connect your Community account with your Smartsheet account. When you select Connect with Smartsheet, you will be prompted with an Allow Access? message. Click Allow to authorize the Community to access your Smartsheet account.

NOTE: Authorizing the Community to access your Smartsheet account is only for purposes of verifying your identity—it will not allow community members or Smartsheet personnel to read your sheets.

Personalize Your Experience and Participate

Fill out your profile

In the upper-right area of the community page, click the My Profile link to add information about yourself and to add a profile picture.

Participate in discussions and posts

Search the Community for topics, browse for posts, or click post tags. Once you get a feel for the Community, start posting. When you're signed in, you can start a new discussion by clicking Start a new discussion on the right side of the Community page (just below your profile information).

Get in the game

Earn points and badges by participating in the Community. Participation includes posting new discussions, replying to discussions, liking discussions, providing the best answer to a discussion, filling out your profile, and sharing posts to a social network.

You also receive points when users like your discussions and posts, so make them great!

Quick Tips

Search before you post: Before you create a new post, use the search box to see if your question is already out there—someone may have already answered it.

Ask: Ask questions about the product, features, best practices, industries, integrations, workarounds, and anything else related to the work you want to do with Smartsheet.

Be descriptive: Include screen shots and as many details as you can when asking questions or providing an answer. The more details you provide, the better the Community will be able to help you.

Answer: Browse the Community and help other users by providing solutions and suggestions to their questions. Like answers that you find helpful.

Earn points: Earn points and badges by creating new discussions, commenting on discussions, posting an answer that's gets marked as ‘best answer’, liking posts, or setting up your profile.

Community Guidelines

Be respectful: Comments, discussions, links, or pictures that degrade any race, religion, gender, age, orientation, or abilities are not acceptable.

Don’t spam: Advertising or promoting your company, website, product, or service is prohibited in the Community.

Don’t troll: Discussions and posts created with the intention to create a strong negative or emotional reaction, provoke conflict, or are created for ‘shock value’ are prohibited.

Stay within the law: Do not break any local, state, national, or international laws and don’t post material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or on the privacy or publicity rights of others.

Be safe: The Community is visible to the public—do not post personal information about yourself. Never provide your Smartsheet password to anyone.

Always know who you are sharing your data with. Smartsheet is not responsible for distribution, publication, display, or other disclosure of data and information using the Smartsheet subscription service. Sharing sheets, reports, or dashboards with individuals outside of your organization in order to obtain product assistance is not recommended.

Report abuse: Report any violations of the Community’s rules or the law to   Smartsheet Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unsubscribe from email notifications or change the frequency that emails are sent?

In your profile box (in the upper-right corner of the window when you're logged in), click  My profile > Notifications.

How do I follow a post?

While in the post, click Follow this Discussion button directly under the original post.

How do I earn points and badges?

Points and badges are earned through your participation within the Community. You can earn points and badges when you post new discussions, reply to discussions, like discussions, provide a best answer to a discussion, fill out your profile, and share posts to a social network. You also receive points when users like your discussions and posts, so make them great!

How do I change my password?

Because you use your existing Smartsheet account to log in, you can to change your password through the Smartsheet application by following the steps listed in our Help center article about Adjusting Personal Settings.

How do I set up my profile?

In your profile box (in the upper-right corner of the window when you're logged in), click My profile. There, you'll be able to add information about yourself, including a profile picture, and update your Community email preferences (click the Notifications tab).

How do I start a new discussion?

Start a new discussion by clicking Start a new discussion in the right sidebar.

How do I report abuse or spam?

Report spam or abuse by clicking Mark as spam on the thread detail page or by  Contacting Smartsheet Support (please provide the URL to the post).