Hi! I love Smartsheet but I can't seem to find a way to do the following:

After a user submits a Smartsheet web form entry to populate my sheet with data, I'd like to embed a hyperlink into both (if possible) the response and email confirmation so that the user is directed to a web page on my site


We are creating a new Smartsheet to track deliverables. We have asked competing vendors to add delivery details within a ‘Smartsheet Form’ to auto-populate the sheet. Orders contain 1 to 100 shipments. Our Order Number is the same for all shipments. Ideally the vendor would like to enter the Order


We have been using this formula to add up the hours spent working specific clients -- been working fine. We have also been asking what category of work they have been completing at these clients but haven't been utilizing the data. 

=SUMIF({Kinsman - Job#1}, [Scope of Work]@row, {Kinsman - Hours#1})