I think it's best explained with an example... We have 5 checkboxes that we will just call 1 through 5 for simplicity. User 1 selects 1, 3 and 5. User 2 selects 4. User 3 selects 1 and 2.


The sheet layout (column headers in bold):

User       1            2          3          4          5



  • I have a list of 200 customers that need to be surveyed by our team. 
  • Some customers will receive multiple surveys, as they are served by multiple team members (our plan is to compile & analyze the results).
  • Although to meet our goal, only 1 survey per customer is needed
  • We are using a


Hi, I have a roll up of numbers for the total of checkboxes checked off in our main data sheet. I've linked that totaled value into a separate sheet via the link cell capability. 

That is somehow not getting charted, and is showing up as "Invalid data"? 

What am I doing wrong?


I have created a smartsheet that contains a form for my team to fill out. Once this form is filled out I would like that data to go to the main sheet that is viewable by my team and then populate another sheet that is viewable to the managers only. Is there a way to have that data when added to


I am working on a customer survey (form) and would like the customer to be able select multiple items in a drop down or have multiple check boxes available in a single column?  Is this possible now?  Is this in development?  I know there a couple of ways to work around this but nothing very elegant