I created a form, and emailed the form link to several persons.  I want the persons to simply click on the form link, which will open the form,  then complete and submit the form.

To keep the process simple, the persons do not have the Smartsheet app.

When the person clicks on the link, at the top



I built a Fund Allocation Request form that makes people produce PDF for printing at the end of the process.  To be able to produce the PDF, I use Smartsheet Merge.  But I ran into an issue of confidentiality.  Since the form is a finance thing, we don't want the users to see how much funds are


Hi there,

We have just started using a simple workflow to approve capital investment projects in the business. The workflow submits each project justification through a hierarchy of approvers, dependant on the value of the project. The workflow has minimum of 7 approvers in the process for a given