I have 3 forms, that I need to be sent out as a reminder on a certain date. I have a 4th form I used to collect email addresses that I would send the weekly form to those addresses. I want to keep reminding them to complete the form if they have not by a certain date. So I was thinking I could make


I have a conditional alert set up in my form to send an email every time a row is added. When I use a form to add a row, it sends me a notification on my phone through the app, but it isn't sending me an email.

I checked my spam filters and there is nothing in there being held. Has anyone else had


I have a smartsheet that is pushing data to another sheet. Percentages complete are part of the data that is being pushed. On the source smartsheet it shows 45% for a section. On the Target sheet it shows 63% complete for the sames rows. Can anyone explain why I am getting 2 different percentage


Hello SmartSheet community, perhaps someone can give me ideas on how best to set up the following:

I have 30 customers and 30 different reps (one for each customer) who need to provide a status on that customer on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.

The requirements:

  1. Use a simple form to


We have a finance form that will submit vendor, invoice, amount etc. in to our sheet.  My question is how can I get the information in the form to fall under the appropriate vendor?

Right now, the form information goes to the bottom of the sheet and I know that you can set it for the top of the