We have a form on our site that adds a row to two sheets in Smartsheet.  This broke in June at which time the form added a row to the first sheet, but failed in the API call to Smartsheet in adding a row to the second sheet.

Example Code that submitted to the first sheet (this was not affected):



was hoping to get some help on an issue i am having .. we have an inventory control sheet .. we would like to use a web form(s) to not only take out something of the inventory but to also add something to the inventory.  I added a Category column and that is reflected in a dropdown list that



I’m part of an in-house legal department. The company has different departments and different types of contracts/advice they require us to produce.

To track the work, I have created one sheet for the legal team to use, covering all main "legal work" categories and then broken down to sub


I have an "Assignment" form that creates a system generated number. The crew foreman will use this form for their assignment, then they will populate a "Production" form using the system generated number from the "Assignment" form to reflect the production done for that assignment.

I'd like have a