(Total noob with SmartSheets)

I’m using Smartsheet URLs in an LMS training course at the end for feedback and suggestions.   Currently we construct the link inside the course and it opens a web form when clicked with some of the fields pre-filled in based on user info from our LMS.  It’s good to


I am creating a form in Smarthsheet that will require two levels of approval is a particular question is answered in a certain way.  In the form they manually enter the email address of the people who are required for approval.  I am finding that if I do not share the sheet with the person I am


Why does Smartsheet only allow you to make a report with columns and not rows? I'm using my sheet to coordinate data for events. Each row has a specific event, each column has different details for the events (date, location, hotel, meals, etc) and I need to take information from only certain rows