I have a set of surveys which we have been sent out through smartsheet, each on their own sheet. At the end of the year, I am required to export all results and consolidate them for a year overall report. To help streamline this I have created multiple forms in one sheet for this year. 

What I need


Hi. I have a grid that has a primary column, a few other text/number columns and then 5 Checkbox columns. The primary column is used to identify a staff member, the few other columns are for misc. information and the checkbox columns are setup (5 in total) as the 5 days in a week (M-F). The grid and


Hi all! I looked in the forums and I didn't come upon any which matched this - but if you're aware of a similar thread, please link to it here!

We are looking to find a way to make a checkbox or dropdown option a single-use type thing. Basically - we track travel in a large sheet - and part of the



We have a form that people will need a few descriptions listed out for them.  We were hoping to add an attachment with this information or a link so that when users go to complete the form they can access this information if needed. We'd looked at adding it all to the bottom of the form, but