Hi, We are creating an automated workflow that requests an update thru a specific mail and it does not seem to work.

Automated approval workflows work perfectly but update requests don't send the appropriate mail requested (eventhough in the sheet you can see that there's an update requested).



How can I work around this issue.  My sheet is populating the "Contacts" via formula.  I want to trigger automated update requests but am running into issues since I'm unable to convert the column type to "contact" since it appears that Smartsheet doesn't allow this functionality.  Anyone have any


So. I've been working on this Quickbooks & Smartsheet Integration for a couple of years now for my own internal use. 

It has many application & the proof of concept exists and we use it. 

We use it for an approval process (for invoices):

The power of Smartsheet i.e. (approvals, communication, notes)