Greetings. I have a Real Estate Property "Rehab Project Plan" with tasks that I would like to assign to a vendor (i.e Electrician) so that I can manage his tasks and collaborate with him. I do not want the Electrician to see entire sheet, only that task(s) assigned to him. 

I have read several


I have a sheet with info for a few hundred people. For privacy reasons I cannot share it with them, because they cannot view other people's rows (a selectively hidden feature I've put in a vote for). 

So I send everyone their information in an update request and ask them to fill it out. I then see


Type double-curly brackets around the column name {{column name}} in the subject or body, along with any other desired text, when typing a custom alert message—either at the time of creating an alert rule or while editing an existing one.

For more information on this feature, see our help article:


I am new to the forum, so if I am not searching correct terms please let me know.  And if there is already a thread on this directing me to it would be very helpful.

I was wondering if there is any way that I can actually update a schedule (finish dates), on a mobile device while I am walking a


There was this:


I continue to miss the counts that were so visible and usable.

Filter count - I now have to unfilter/filter to see a dropdown -- which goes away after a few seconds.

Discussions. Open Update Requests.


Does anyone have experience working with DocuSign "Radio Groups" and merging those fields to data inside Smartsheet?

I have been utilizing the Smartsheet/DocuSign integration for several months with great results, but there are a few areas I am running into issues - this being one.

I have


Hi All, 


I would like to set due dates reminders for each assigned to person on my project sheet. 

I am aware of the reminder as row level and sheet level. 

Does the sheet level reminder mean that:

- Each of the assigned person will get a reminder of his/her task due date?

- Or it is only for


Since smart sheet update new version.

We are used  to able to look details   with Grid view..

Now we have to review with grid view and then go to list view and able to see detail...it makes more longer time operate n more comfusion..please  we prefer before version smart