For the past 3 days, our update requests have been going out with glitches. When our staff presses the blue button to open up the form, instead of seeing the row information we sent out, they see pages of the text that we put in the message body of the email asking them to fill out the form. So if a


Hi everyone!

Im having issues with a status column. My goal is to update the status if a job has hit 10 days or more and has not been approved yet. I was going to trigger it by using the (system column) "Last Modified" 

Here's the problem: If someone only "views" the sheet & doesn't make any


Sending a single update request does not always generate a response because many people are not good about answering all their emails, and then it gets lost in old email. I'd like to generate a daily update request that begins on a set day each month (like the 14th) and repeats daily until the


Good Day All, 

I am trying to familiarize myself with Dynamic View. My questions is, upon sharing the view with someone (lets say I share with my accountant) how do we send requests to update things WITHIN dynamic view? 

Let me propose an example

I need to get an update from my plumber on his repair