One of the features of forms that I use frequently is the ability to add a "hidden field" with a value that is written to the sheet upon submission.  This is really useful when performing a simple evaluation of form submission completion to trigger actions in workflows, for example. 

However, in


The new Proofing capability is something we would like to implement in our department, but we are having issues with accessing this in Reports. We see that Proofing can be done in the main smart sheet, but our Artists access new design requests via Reports so that they only see what tasks and


Why were we not informed about this? Copied below is the exact email I received from Smartsheet Product Info on September 17th. This is very frustrating to have a functionality stripped with no warning. We ran through this list with our teams to determine whether or not any of our free users would


OK, so, we have an update form that goes out to about 30 people. All they have to do is add the latest figures and click 'Send'.

That's it.

However, they insist on adding in symbols and text, no matter how strenuously we explain that they shouldn't. All they need to do is enter 55 not £55.00 or 0