Can someone please help me with SUMIF, I am losing my mind and keep getting errors. 


I have a pipeline document with status' ( approved, declined, awaiting client, in progress,etc) and I need to show in a dashboard the sum associated with each item. 


PIPELINE STATUS | dropdown with status'


I have a master sheet with projects that auto-populate from a form that requestors fill out as needed. 

I created a column named "Request Number" that is a Auto-Number column type. However, I have in the bottom of the page multiple lines with formulas that I use only for my dashboard and although I




I need help with finding a way to automate the RYG balls so that if no dates are input, it's white. If the first date is input, it's red. If the second date is input, its yellow. And if the final date is input, it's green.


Thank you !


Dear, I appreciate your help.

I need to create a formula that changes the status column depending on the following conditions. (The image in the example table has reference TODAY = August 28, 2019)

1) If the Balance column is equal to 0 (Green)

2) If the Balance column is less than 0 (Yellow)

3) If