Hi all,

I have currently set up cell linking, however I only want it to cell link once the drop down box has been changed to 'Converted'. As in, we receive a lead and add the data to that lead. Once that lead is 'won' or 'Converted' I change the drop box to show this. Once this is done then I want


Is there a way to auto group cells that are the same, and add a count of them next to the parent cell? For example, I have a sheet that looks like the first screenshot (ex1), it's a list of SKUs within a program and a project. I want to group all SKUs within the same program/project and count the


I am trying to get one box to check under one or another conditions.

1. when a certain cell has any text

2. When another certain box is checked

The function I came up with follows, but it doesn't seem to work. There might be one small tweak I need to make, but I am still new to making formulas.


Hallo! Currently, we have an Excel sheet, which I would like to transfer in Smartsheet. However I cannot find a way to do so, so hopefully someone can help me.

As seen in the picture, every row is an own project and every column (except the first with the name of the project) is a certain day, like