When I try to sign in to Skype for Business, there will be a pop up for the sign in, but it quickly goes away and tries to do it all over again. I am using Google Chrome, and there are a few more people in our office having similar


Hi All!

I searched for this, but couldn't find an answer.  Maybe it doesn't exist!

I'm trying to set up a new dashboard for sales reps.  In one sheet I will have them fill out all of their activities.  I was TRYING to get them to fill out all information on one sheet to keep things simple for them.


Any plans in the future for letting us update the dashboard background color to any color we'd like? I'd love to be able to use black for dashboard backgrounds, as well as the backgrounds of the widgets, so that when on TV sets around the office, graphs are floating in black instead of a white



I am trying to get a formula to sum the total value of orders invoiced this week. The formula i have tried is below, but returns '0' as the value.

=SUMIF({Completion Date}, {Completion Date} = WEEKNUMBER(TODAY()), {Order Value})

The sheet references are to single columns titled 'Completion Date'