I would like some help in designing  a Master Project List, and a Master Project Executive Summary Dashboard. We have a Roadmap that contains each functional area's main projects/initiatives. Is there a way I can build a formula to have all the information from each road map combined into one


I am trying to capture the total number of active projects found in a specific Workspace. Each project is its own, separate, SmartSheet. The way I am able to do this now is by manually creating a Formula (COUNTIF({Proj Name Range 1}, "Yes"),in a separate SmartSheet, and then creating a Metric Widget

Kruse Ludington


A workspace was shared with me, and I was made an editor who can share.

For a specific SmartSheet in a subfolder underneath that workspace - how do I request to the owner that I want to be an admin of that SmartSheet in order to set up conditional formatting, send automatic alerts, etc.? I do not


I am trying to decide between one sheet vs multiple sheets.  I currently have one sheet but it has over 50-60 columns and there are sets of data that will be used by different areas.  I know I can filter what is needed (to a point) with reports but it still doesn't give me the end result I need.