I would like to be able to Refresh a Workspace without Refreshing the browser window.

Two primary reasons:

Reason #1: I am likely an edge-case, but here is my situation.

I have Smartsheet open in three browser windows (which Browser does not matter, they all exhibit this behavior) 

Note: browser --




We are currently using a web form for customers to submit a service request. After the form has been submitted a auto-numbering confirmation is generated and the customer is sent a notification with that confirmation number. When we process the request we often need to split the service



I am hoping someone can see what i am missing here :)  attempting to try out status view ..

We would like each part of our group have a different status view in order to see only what pertains to them .  and a place for them to fill out a request form.

I created a status view - see image 1


Hello - Is anyone else experiencing this?  

We have several google "chrome base" desktops, (just like a chrome book laptop, only a desktop).....while working from with in the chrome web browser, on the chrome base, we are not able to use the horizontal scroll in the grid view.  We have to resort to