Someone who I made admin of a sheet I created was able take ownership of this sheet without me accepting the request. This has happened before without even a request submitted to take ownership and I don’t understand how is this possible, did anybody experience this as well? The same admin was able


I have created extensive data matrix's to calculate # of Jobs and dollar amount for individuals in our company to track capacity. However, as our sheets get larger, the formulas wont calculate. I receive an error message reading:

"Some cross-sheet formulas cant be updated, because this sheet has


Having an entire dialog for text and number formats would make much more sense to me.. combine the currency, percentage, thousands and decimal places into it's own dialog box.

We really NEED a way to save and modify the formatting of common things. So as to have them available and globally


Hello all!

I have a smartsheet that is always open in our warehouse to let the guys know when an item needs to be shipped; the line is added by our procurement team. After the warehouse personnel complete a shipment, they mark the status of that line as complete and save. The line then gets crossed