I have submitted this before, not posted to the Community. Still a pain point.

I'd like you to revisit the functionality around Attachments and Discussions at the Sheet level and Workspace level.

Back in the Good Ol' Days (pre UX update 2018-02-13), we could see that there were Attachments or


Hi there, I've seen some discussion on these boards about managing non-working time. It seems there's two out-of-the-box options, either to have each individual project manage their time or have a sysadmin do it at a global level. Some have suggested blocking time using a dedicated gannt chart. 



The first column are the dates I complete a task. The fourth column are how many days I have to complete the task. I'm trying to predict the completion date as I enter the dates in the first column. The expected completion date will move up or down depending whether or not I finish the task on time


Hi, I have recently recieved a licenced user with my company mail account and I would like to transfer all the work I made with the trial version user (which is related with another mail account) to this new one which is the official. 

Is there a way to do this directly and not creating and sharing



I was wondering if someone would be able to help me with a problem that I have been struggling with. I would like to make it so that when a checkbox is checked, in another column, called status, that it would switch and say complete. The status column is a Dropbox, containing Completed,