Sometime last week I noticed my view in Smartsheet (using Chrome) no longer has the tabs at the top of all of the current open sheets.  How can I get this view back?  It was much more efficient than the pinning option we have now.  Also, the recently reviewed Smartsheets would be great if it


The New Smartsheet Navigation Experience is GREAT!

The #1 feature I'm excited about is Browser Tabs and Direct Links. Being able to copy the URL straight from the browser. I spent a LOT of time as a champion and mentor explaining how to get the URL to share a specific sheet. I really believe this



Is it possible for one person to be able to back up and schedule future back ups for the whole of our organisation?

I have figured individuals can do this but i would like to put the responsibility into one department and under one person?

I would be grateful of any information regarding this.


I feel silly, but I'm stumped.  I'm trying to do a countif with a sheet reference. I want to count how many rows in my Lease Tracker 2018 sheet have Agricultural in the Category column, but I keep getting #UNPARSEABLE.  What am I doing wrong?

=COUNTIF({Lease Tracker 2018 Category}:{Lease Tracker


Hi everyone,

My colleague and I are new to SmartSheet and we are having some issues with a few formulas and we can't quite work out what has happened.

We are offering paid work at an hourly rate for someone to join our team to help troubleshoot and fix our SmartSheets issues.

If you're interested,


I have three "what if" schedules that I'm trying to pull into a single report.  They are simply named Scenario 1, Scenario 2, and Scenario 3.  No matter what order I select them, the resulting report has #3 in first position, #1 in second, and #2 in last.

I did a bulky workaround by adding a Helper