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I need your help.

Currently, our requirements request process is as follows, enter the form within Smartsheet register the emails of the people who want the application to ​send, Then these people receive and assign other resources if necessary.   It is important to indicate that it is


Hi all,

I could not find any thread with this specific problem, pardon me if there is one....

I created a new Workspace, and within that workspace i also created a single spreadsheet.

So i start writting content on that spreadsheet, then click the small "floppy" on the top left, close the page and


We have completed projects, or abandoned projects, with Workspaces.  We don't want to lose them, or archive them to Excel - especially since the abandoned projects could come back to life one day.  The problem is we have so many workspaces, the inactive workspaces are junking up the folder list.  Is



I have a workspace full of our active projects. Each tasks has a status (not started, in progress, complete) and I would like be able to see the total numbers of these tasks statuses across all the projects. I already have columns that count the number of each task status in the individual

Tan Mayhall


I'm working on setting up a management system for process audits, which are required in various departments on either a monthly or quarterly basis.  Each sheet contains several rows of audit criteria and yields a single score on the top parent row showing plant, audit, date, and score.  Since there


Good afternoon

I am creating a bid invitation sheet and need to list GC bidders per each job (row).

  1. How do I create an autofill for these cells based on a directory I have created?
  2. and once the GC is selected in this cell how do I autofill the column next to it with one of their many estimators at