An employee retired without transferring his sheets and reports, that are in various workspaces and folders, to me. How do I keep the sheets and reports in the same workspace and folders while transferring ownership to me? I'm SysAdm and licensed user on Enterprise


We are trying to create a formula on the Schedule field that will change color to Red, Green or Yellow based on Multiple day and Status selection. 

For example:

If Status is In Progress and End Date is > Today and R - Date is Empty then is Green.

IF Status is In Progress and End Date is < Today and


I need a COUNTIFS formula (I think this is the best option based on research) that calculates all of my technical resources task status for all of the projects.  An example is below.

I have 4 current projects and 7 resources.  Please see the screenshot for an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish on



I'm trying to get the number of checkboxes that are checked in a given column (more precisely, A10 - Transcode colum) without using another column to do so (in this case, Valeur A10 - Transcode column which displays ''1'' when a box is checked and ''0'' when it's not the case).

As you can see


I am using an IF statement to display the month but when I don't have a date the column is displaying #INVALID DATA TYPE.  I understand why this is happening but I don't know if I can also incorporate the use of an IFERROR statement nested. What is the correct way to eliminate the #INVALID DATA


Setting up an alert system that sends out notifications when a form has been completed.

To streamline the process I would like to use a field from the form in the email title to differentiate between the emails rather than a range of emails with the same title.

Is that possible and if so, how?