Hey guys.

I am just starting to setup a sheet for a huge sports event that shall provide all relevant info, but also be used live to update the onsite status.

Basically there will be about 10 stations that will be identically except for individual timings and some details (i.e. number of people per


Hi everybody,

I need your help.

Currently, our requirements request process is as follows, enter the form within Smartsheet register the emails of the people who want the application to ​send, Then these people receive and assign other resources if necessary.   It is important to indicate that it is


Trying to create an automated report that pulls items from multiple sheets with a due date of tomorrow only. I have one that does the same for today, but tomorrow has proven to be more challenging. 

I could manually update the report every day by changing tomorrow's date, but I'm trying to avoid


Hi all,

I have a sheet that is a "database" of about 400 records.  I want other users to be able to input one column of that sheet (Media Company Dropdown) in a form or other sheet and for the next seven columns to autopopulate.  Is this possible?  Would VLOOKUP be a solution?

I've read a few forum


I am trying to develop a dashboard generator so that I don't have to recreate every report I use in our dashboards each time we have a new project.  I would like to be able to select the project number in one location and have all the reports reference that project number to pull data from their


Hi. - I run a sheet with form to collate drawing data.

the original form user uploads a drawing and this populates the sheet.

the auto alert tells the other client (via email) of an attachment available for download. The client then downloads the attachment.

Is there an auto alert to advise me -