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We are collecting todos in a "topic list" connecting each task to one particular team member. Every task has a due date. Do you have a routine to track the development of these tasks?

I.e. a task has been finished by me but now there are new challenges awaiting the next team member with


I have a sheet (The Milestone Sheet) that is made up mostly of cells linked to another sheet (The Schedule). 

The 'start date' column in the Milestone sheet is referencing the 'due date' column in the Schedule. I set the 'duration' column in the Milestone sheet to 0 for every row, which makes the


I've got formulas in my sheet that calculate due dates that fall on weekends, and I've used conditional formatting to highlight those dates to alert me to those dates that are on Saturdays and Sundays.  Now, I want to move those dates to the Monday next.  Is there a way to automate that?


Good morning!

I just received the email update from Smartsheet Engage 2018 and I. AM. THRILLED!!!

We can now choose to allow multiple contacts (up to 20!) to be assigned to a row. 

See the article here: https://goo.gl/sTwxNZ