Setting up an alert system that sends out notifications when a form has been completed.

To streamline the process I would like to use a field from the form in the email title to differentiate between the emails rather than a range of emails with the same title.

Is that possible and if so, how?


There has been very little discussion on this topic.  What is required to get this feature added to the API?  I have been assigned the task of creating a JAVA app that will create new workspacea from a set of templates we've created. This is to be done through the JAVA API(SDK). I've completed the


We're using Smartsheets to track our projects through the production process. We have one sheet that is just a list of the items, with 6 check boxes signaling that portion is complete. When all 6 check boxes are marked "checked"/true, I'd like the last column to automatically update as "completed."