I'd like a formula to calculate the below

SUM the leave days Request(Column Number of Days) against the employee(Name Column) if Approved(Manager Column) and Approved(EXCO Column). If either one of them are not approved then don't SUM the leave days.

This is what i have so far but cant seem to


Hi, I'm sure there is a quite dimple solution to the this, but I am having trouble.

I want to count the number of rows assigned to each contact, and I used the formula below:

=COUNTIF(Assigned Work:Assigned Worker, "contactname")

The formula returns the error #UNPARSEBALE

How can I fix


Dear Community,

I am trying to have an automatic filling of the column [Budget Max] while changing the column [Level]

based on 2 other columns references: [Level attribution] and [Max Budget Range] with matching ROWS.

If [Level]value = [Level attribution]value return [Max Budget Range]value of the