Hi guys,

I have a new challenge for you :). I have a list of projects. Each project contains different products. I have one probabilty column that contains all the probabilities to sell the different products contained in each individual project.

An exaple: I have a project (1 row) where I can sell



I need a little help to get the filter to work properly.

In a report, I applied a filter to get a display based on people and later by date but the display does not give the right result.

You can see with the screen shoot


Hi everyone,

I need some help with a formula that just doesn't want to work for me. Currently my status column changes according to the {Proof Approval - Kim} column. It works fine (formula shown below)

Now I want to add on to this formula so, if the column {Out For Approval} is checked, I want the


I have created extensive data matrix's to calculate # of Jobs and dollar amount for individuals in our company to track capacity. However, as our sheets get larger, the formulas wont calculate. I receive an error message reading:

"Some cross-sheet formulas cant be updated, because this sheet has


Hello everyone, I'm new to smartsheets and so far my experience has been positive but I'm heading into areas that go beyond what I have learned so far, I used basic formulas to do counts using =SUM, and =COUNTIF but I only have been able to use it to do basic counts. I need a formula that will look



I have a detailed question so please bear with me:

I currently have the following formula that works at the moment:

=IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11 = "Closed"), "", IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11 = "Open"), "Open Issue", IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11