I am trying to figure out how to write a formula to auto assign a task when it meets different criteria. For example, my column is "Type of Request". If it is Creative, then I want to assign Kristi from my contact list. If it is Product, I want to assign John. I have 7 different choices within the

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Further to a considerable amount of Community requests for a way to Update Dropdown Lists in just one sheet, then have that list Automagically populate all the other Smartsheets that reference that list.

Our Developers, using the Smartsheet API have created just that solution, in fact we have


When I try to sign in to Skype for Business, there will be a pop up for the sign in, but it quickly goes away and tries to do it all over again. I am using Google Chrome, and there are a few more people in our office having similar


Hi all,


I was searching on the Smartsheet community, but i could not find the best solution for my issue.

Basically, in my company, everytime that a production finishes, i receive via e-mail the test results for the specific product. With those results, later on, i must issue a document to the



I looked at several tool to manage our maintenance program. We have several equipments with subcategory that I can organize with Parent and children relationship. I have a due date and a frequency of operation (industrial application: Replace hydraulic oil, replace wear plate etc).

My plan:


I don't think this is possible yet but I'll at least ask.  

I have a change request form generated, if the reason for creating the form is due to a non-conformance i want to REQUIRE the requester to add a NCR# inside the form functionality not on the spreadsheet.  Basically it would work as follows.


I am using card view as a materials log and I have a question regarding the 'grouping' of cards.

The problem: We have a pallet containing 4 boxes. The pallet is assigned to a lane in the sheet. I have created a sub-task card for each box on the pallet. When I move the pallet card the sub-task cards