Does anyone know if there is a way to NOT display a contact's full email address (but show their name, instead) when they are assigned as "Task Owner" in the Smartsheet Calendar App?

We have a calendar that references an existing Smartsheet - Sheet.

The sheet has a contact list column labeled


I have a smartsheet that is pushing data to another sheet. Percentages complete are part of the data that is being pushed. On the source smartsheet it shows 45% for a section. On the Target sheet it shows 63% complete for the sames rows. Can anyone explain why I am getting 2 different percentage


I have been using the Dashboard for some time, with various widgets. Today my graph widget show MISSING SOURCE. Yet when I go into edit mode, I see the data, and when I create a new one, and save it, I get the same code. I check others reports from other users, their graphs are working.. What has


I'd like to create summary rows at the top of my sheet, but specifying the entire column as a range in the formula is causing #circular reference and #block errors.  Is there a way to specify a range from row 25 to infinity?  I'd like additional rows to automatically be included in my summary


I have a sheet published in Card View on our company Wiki page with Read Only - Full features.

I'd like to have the ability to set the Published Card View to match how I have my sheet set up and not a generic Card View. 

For example, I have several lanes collapsed, 'All Levels' selected, Specific


I have a source sheet with hundreds of rows of entries. One of the columns is named Property. There are many different values under this column. I have a destination sheet for each one of these possible values (in this case, a property). 

What I would like is to have have any rows in the source