Hi everyone!

Im having issues with a status column. My goal is to update the status if a job has hit 10 days or more and has not been approved yet. I was going to trigger it by using the (system column) "Last Modified" 

Here's the problem: If someone only "views" the sheet & doesn't make any


We currently use Jotform for some of our forms here and would like to be able to bring more of them over to Smartsheet if possible

As you can see from the attached files, the form is set up to add a new line after each previous line is filled in and the 'save' button pressed

Are we able to set up a


Hi There, 

I am using my smartsheet to manage a production of furniture goods. I have set columns up for Start/ Finish/ Expected finish/ Duration/ and Delay to Expected finish. This will enable me to see where the delays are happening in the process and analyse where to improve. 

I have set the