I am looking for a solution that will allow an email to be sent to an assignee informing them that their part of a project can begin since a predecessor was completed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



My colleagues and I have a large database containing information regarding suppliers. I need to share the information that is relevant to each supplier, with that supplier. I can obviously run a report to pull the data out based on 'Supplier' column in our sheet, as there are a large number



Is it possible to default to a different camera in Android app when selecting to take a photo.  By default the smartsheet app uses Android camera.  I would like to use Skitch so we can add notes, arrows, circles, etc. to the photo.  We are using this for a production line checklist.



I'm new to Smartsheet and am trying to build a revenue forecast sheet that updates dynamically from an MS Project gannt chart of multiple contract timelines.  I'd like to be able import the gannt chart and show the revenue over the gannt chart timeline, have the $ show on the gannt chart by month


I have a master (parent) sheet linked out to several child sheets, the master effectively pushes header information out to the child sheets. When a new row is added to the master, the child sheets fire off a notification to various teams requesting their input. This may not be the most efficient


Hi SS Community - 

We're looking to make discussions in Smartsheet easier for our users. Currently we have the notification set to address changes and additions to the comments column. The custom email is nice, but it's not exactly user friendly. Is there a way to hyperlink to an area of a