Hi, we principally use smartsheets to generate Gantt charts for our various projects. Ideally we would like to set up conditional formatting (for example task-bar color) for all of the children of different parents. 

So for example, let's say "Phase 1" of a project is the parent, we would like an


Hi everyone,


I'm pretty new to smartsheet so I may be asking your help for something that is quite easy to do :)


I have an excel formula that I need to migrate to smartsheet to help me transform seconds in HH:MM:SS


The excel formula is =TEXT(IF(I4="";50;I4)/(24*60*60);"hh:mm:ss") & ":00"





I'm trying to restrict a Done checkbox from getting checked before other boxes are checked first.  My team created a project plan with multiple steps in the process.  Each step has a done checkbox.  I have a formula that fires when a specific box is checked but don't want folks to check that