I would like for the RYGB status to be updated based on BOTH a due date (I already know how to do the status based on only due date), AND on the selection of a drop down menu in 5 other columns.  


Red is past due AND "completed" or "N/A" are not selected in the drop down menu in multiple


Our project managers are responsible for creating new projects in our schedule. They enter a install start date and contract date. The dates for all the other tasks are formula driven from the install date. The image below shows our engineering tasks. Those 3 projects where entered within the past



I have a report that looks perfectly fine when viewing in Smartsheet but when exported to a PDF it throws in a grey fill. There is a conditional formatting that specifically says if the "Resource name headers" column is blank, keep that cell white - and it's a higher priority than everything


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I am trying to format my "% Complete" column to auto populate when changes are made to my "Requirements Total" and "Requirements Complete" (i.e. If I have 10 requirements in my Requirements Total column and I have completed 5 in the requirements complete, which would make my