I am trying to figure out how to write a formula to auto assign a task when it meets different criteria. For example, my column is "Type of Request". If it is Creative, then I want to assign Kristi from my contact list. If it is Product, I want to assign John. I have 7 different choices within the


I have a column that shows red (off track), yellow (at risk), or green (on track) depending on whether a date column (completion) is before or after another date column (goal completion date). What I'd like to show is the amount of days since a bubble turned red. This would tell me how many days it



First, thanks for members of this forum, you’ve been a great help!

I have one main sheet where all (different) legal tasks are listed to help the legal team manage the work load. Only the legal team has access to this sheet. One of the departments however, requires visibility of their related