I'm looking to select a row based off of 2 criteria searched for in the row, and return a third value in the same row.  I feel like this is possible with the existing functions but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out. This wouldn't be difficult with array equations in excel but i'm not


I am a project manager at a construction company so we use Smartsheets pretty heavily for everything from vehicle mileage reporting to project forecasting. The single biggest improvement that I would like to be done for Smartsheets is for greater links between multiple sheets. We are thinking about


I’m always interested to hear if someone else has figured out a better way to do something, so feedback is welcome and appreciated!  (:

Example Sheet: Hierarchy Formulas & Conditional Formatting

I like to use colors to help guide me through a sheet and I have settled on a process that works for me.


I'm relatively new to Smartsheet, but it seems strange that the Status column appears not to have any relationship to other columns in the project sheet. But maybe it's possible to use a formula somehow to do that? Some specific questions:

  • If I change a task from Not Started to In Progress, can I