I am relatively new to SmartSheets but I am looking to place a form we have now into smartsheets to collect the data there. 

However our Executive Team likes the look of the original form... 

Is there a way to export data in a way other then in a grid/ excel looking chart?

Id like to


Hello! we use Smartsheet mostly for inventory management and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on how to write a formula to automatically subtract the parts that go into each item while also subtracting the completed part. I currently link in the part inventory from one sheet and update


If I have a section with three rows underneath my heading, I'm able to easily use a formula to show the count of tasks completed/responded to out of my total number:

="Introduction: " + COUNT(Response4:Response6) + " of " + COUNT(CHILDREN())

However, if I have a section with multiple sub-sections,



I'm trying to set up a form for people to use to register for specific seats in specific courses.

For instance, on the form, I should be able to select course A with my name and email . At that time, 1 seat from course A on the sheet should be populated with this data, and the number of