Hi all, I have been trying to figure it out alone but I thought I'd engage the community to see if anyone can help!  I have a column in my spreadsheet that contains phrases separated by commas - for example (though with different words), in one cell it says "Phone, computer, mouse, cell phone, water


I'm trying to find a way to do what I've done with spreadsheets before, but I am not seeing a way to do in Smartsheets.  

In some of my fields, there are instances where I won't have a value.  I populate those with NA, and I'd like to turn the fill for those boxes gray automatically.  Traditionally


Hello SmartSheet community, perhaps someone can give me ideas on how best to set up the following:

I have 30 customers and 30 different reps (one for each customer) who need to provide a status on that customer on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.

The requirements:

  1. Use a simple form to


I would like to build a formula so that status will change to "Red" and type will change to "Renew"  when date is past "Expire Date".  I've applied the two formulas separately at the top of each corresponding column. But so far it just changes it to Red or Renewed automatically, without the date


I have a problem. When Smartsheet sends the form on request to an area.

I need to know if after receiving a project from a form, to be able to assign a resource and the date of assignment I can only do it from an update? or there are other ways of being able to assign people and date of assignment,



I've watched a few videos on RYG automation based on due dates but is anyone able to help with the IF function using categories from a drop down list instead?

I.e. Looking at Recruitment Status:

If someone chooses 'On Hold' from the drop down, I want the RYG column to show Red. If someone chooses