I'm looking for a way to control specific tasks being allowed to start on only certain days of the week. For instance, a task name containing "A" is not allowed to occur on Mon or Fri, only possible to start/finish on Tue, Wed, or Thu. 

Keep in mind, A is a precedent for B, which is a precedent


Hi there!

I have been trying to set conditions with a formula to change the color of a RYGB ball based on two columns, the percent complete and the due date. I wish to use the RYGB balls and not just change the color of the cell, which is why I'm using formulas instead of the conditional formatting.


I am creating a Status field using IF function.  I'm trying to look at a check-box field and return  "status" (ex. "Tooling Complete") if the box is checked.  I've tried IF(NOT(ISBLANK(... but a check-box formatted field seems to register as not-blank whether it is checked or unchecked.




Project Sheet 1 and Project Sheet 2 have detailed data.

Sheet_report_summary pulls the "Sheet Summary" data (icon in the right pane) for executive summary.

In our engineering meetings, we drill down into the details of each sheet. 

Can I show the "sheet summary" data on the sheet itself? For


My department is working on a change management process, the steps of which will be standardized for each change. We're using a web form and alerts to notify the team of a new change request, and managing the workflow with a separate sheet. 

Is there a way in the workflow sheet to populate the list


Right now I have =IF(COUNTIF([Part Number]:[Part Number], [Part Number]1) > 1, 1)

If the part number in row matches up with another row, it lights up a flag. I want to be able to add two checkpoints...

If a "part number" and "ware" in one row matches up to another "part number" and "ware" on a