Hi everyone,

I've searched through the community but couldn't find the right solution.

I need to feed specific sales metrics into a dashboard but want it to update, according to the Today column. I receive the previous months information on the 15th of each month, so the formula would need to cover


We have a number of User Groups.. some users overlap groups, as many of us wear a few hats. I'd like to build reports that run through the "ZZZ Workgroup" and look for lines that are assigned to anyone in "Group AAA." Perhaps also reports that pertain to "Group BBB" and "Group CCC"

Yes, I could


I would like to have a quick readout of the five or ten most recently updated sheets from WorkspaceA or WorkspaceA --> Folder5

I can build a report that grabs all of the sheet rows by updated in the last 30 or 60 or 3000 days, but how can you get a list like:

  1. FinanceSheetXYZ updated Yesterday by