I have read the forms with the “VLOOKUP” and “LOOKUP” functions.  I am new to smart sheet, but not to excel formulas. 

I have an associate inspecting carts for wear and tear items, this is working well with check boxes and the photo attachment is awesome to have.

Next step is the associate


Hello, I am trying to build a Report or ANOTHER sheet where I pull data only for Rows from another sheet that have OrderNr=OrderNr from the other sheet. The ordernumbers change daily. I need to be able to refresh automatically on a daily basis. Any recommendations how I should approach



I was wondering if there was a way to get the Report Builder to filter both an include and an exclude in the same column -OR- get it to filter for an exact word or phrase.

Example: Filter for a column is set to find all entries that contain the name "john" but that means that a bunch of listings


I have A1 and B1 which are two different dates (for illustration: A1 is today's date, and the other in the following day).  I have data value in Cell C that is changed daily by another cell linking formula from other sheet.

Then I have cell A2 and B2 -- the formula in these cells is:


Guys can you just make the cell that gets highlighted when you use ctrl F while having a column selected a little more visible? Actually you can just put the marquee around it. whenever i do a search using ctrl F with a whole column selected, I am baffled by the low visibility highlight that the