I use one large sheet to manage many different legal tasks across my team (1,000 rows currently). The sheet is divided to many sub sections/categories, main tasks, sub tasks etc. Wanting to add a new main task to a category, the user needs to scroll down to find the right category which is time


I'm looking for a way to pull information from other sheets, while also being allowed to manually add data. The reason I'm doing this is to allow for staff to go to one place where we can share individuals goals, tasks and progress. Is there a way to do this?

I have tried formulas, but I do not


I am trying to get data from smartsheet API. When I use postman and nodejs in separate server code, it works.

But if I use the API inside the Ionic with HttpClient (@angular/http) it gives CORS issue with run in browser.

Failed to load https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/sheets/1235941564208899972:


I have a sheet with the following formula in a column titled "Status":

=IF(ISBLANK([PO#]1), "Processing", IF(INDEX({Status Range}, MATCH([PO#]1, {PO Range}, 0)) = "Loaded", "OTR", IF(INDEX({Status Range}, MATCH([PO#]1, {PO Range}, 0)) = "available load", "Logistics Dept", IF(INDEX({Status Range},


I have a column with different carriers such as "AT&T" and "Verizon". And in the following column is a complicated nested functions, and part of it is doing search depending on the carrier name. For example, for the row "AT&T", I want search in the sheet named "ABC AT&T". For "Verizon", I want to


Hello, I have a fairly large Project plan with 700+ rows and am new to Smartsheet.

My predecessors list for any given task has multiple row IDs referenced (comma delimited)

With help from Rob Hagan's post (https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/formula-determine-row-number), I have created the


Hello there,


Was hoping someone could have some insight on this.  We are looking to see if smartsheets can be the platform for an operators log..  the features of the dashboard and filters to help ease searching ... 

But our issue is; the size constraints .. we probably would use 5000 lines in a




I have read the forms with the “VLOOKUP” and “LOOKUP” functions.  I am new to smart sheet, but not to excel formulas. 

I have an associate inspecting carts for wear and tear items, this is working well with check boxes and the photo attachment is awesome to have.

Next step is the associate


Hello, I am trying to build a Report or ANOTHER sheet where I pull data only for Rows from another sheet that have OrderNr=OrderNr from the other sheet. The ordernumbers change daily. I need to be able to refresh automatically on a daily basis. Any recommendations how I should approach