Our small company does several projects at a time and all of them basically follow the same project plan. We created a nice template that contains the dozen or so tasks in our project.

Most of the reports and dashboards I've tried to create capture a single project but I'm not finding a nice way to


Hi All!


I am at a loss at how to even start this design. 


I have approximately 15 tasks that occur every month on the same BUSINESS day 

I have another 5 tasks that occur on the same business day every quarter.


I would like to see this in a calendar view


Any suggestions on how to build this?




I have been asked to create a roster that covers customer support across different time zones and shows who is available (human resources),  who is on leave, time, names of the support person and who is on call.

Also, includes our contractual obligations with customers in an easy display


I have just been assigned the task of setting up the Project Management Office in my company. For now I need two things, firstly a project tracker for tracking and monitoring individual projects and then a master portfolio tracker where all the info that's updated in the individual trackers feed



I am using the above formula for percent complete in my project plan as seen by my picture. My question is when certain parts of the project have not been started yet how do you exclude the cell with the "N/A" value in it from being


Hi Smartsheet community, 

I'm trying to come up with a status report to display information on what has been done in our projects between certain dates. I would really appreciate your expertise and help!!!

For example:

Project A Status Report for the period 04/Nov/19 - 17/Nov/19

What I want to show