I have been able to merge data from a smartsheet into a Google Doc Template using the 

smartsheet merge add-on. Works great. But,

is it also possible to do the same thing but then in a Microsoft Word Document ?

I have been asked that question by Microsoft users.

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Interested to hear if anyone has setup a process in Smartsheet to track document review and approval. SOWs and Cost sheets need to be reviewed and approved by multiple people prior to being reviewed by the customer. I'd like to embed this process into an existing customer tracking smartsheet if I


Having an entire dialog for text and number formats would make much more sense to me.. combine the currency, percentage, thousands and decimal places into it's own dialog box.

We really NEED a way to save and modify the formatting of common things. So as to have them available and globally


Good afternoon

We have a bid invite sheet that we fill out with prospective jobs (each row is a prospective job) to bid on. It has multiple columns of Data that if we decide to bid on the job would need to be transferred to our sales/estimating sheet. 


If we had a YES/No drop down column and we