Could we have a form generated as PDF in Smartsheet and sent by email to a specific user (email address)? So this user could fill it and send it again.

I checked we could have the form sent as link by email, but I need to know if it is feasible to transform it to PDF and send it by email.



Hi there,

I've imported our team google calendar into a smartsheet no problem, and I can see all the entries, however when I try to present this in a sight the calendar grid is displayed without any entries. 

I've 'published' the source sheet with the calendar import, and both the source sheet and



I'm really enjoying Smartsheet and glad we decided to go down the path of subscribing. 

While I was getting certified I found so many neat features and my mind just filled with all the things I could probably use various aspects of Smartsheet to accomplish.

I ran into a limitation in my own


We are looking to establish a daily import of our project portfolio into SS via a CSV file.  When I look at the task import schema, I cannot see a way for SS to identify the parent and child relationships between the tasks.  This means we cannot import nested tasks and the task hierarchy.


Do you