I'm currently using a formula to INDEX my sheet and pick up the smallest date in a column, and then display the 4 smallest (or soonest) dates in that column to pull into my dashboard. The formula is as follows:

=INDEX([Project Name]:[Status], MATCH(SMALL([Next Milestone Date]:[Next Milestone


So here at my company, we have a project template. This template contains many setting, functions, workflows and conditional formats that help organize our information. We currently generate an excel template similar to the one in smartsheets then copy paste into our template.

My question is


I would like to know if it's possible to create a form template associated with a Smartsheet.  The purpose of this form would be to collect requirements for a request that a client enters into a Smartsheet.  The client would access template, complete the fields, save it, and then attach it to a


After seeing very nice dashboard presented in Best in Class Project Management video I tried to start developing something similar for our organization. However I'm struggling with creating customized buttons (like "Home", "Portfolio Dashboard", "Departments" etc) that you can see on the top of the


I'd like to show a sheet in the dashboard in both:

1. Grid view

2. Calendar view

WHen I publish the link to put on the dashboard, it only one or the other. Please tell me there's a way to publish in multiple