I am trying to work out the best way to do this. I have an evolving list of products (hundreds and hundreds) that can be ordered, and 29 people (only - this is set) who can order them for a Bulk Buy once a year. 

My current plan, was to create a Template, then have a sheet for each person. This way


This is a test sheet (screenshot attached). I am trying to set up a method to where an Update Request is automatically emailed to the sales rep 3 days after the trigger date (Bid Date). This functionality is in the Alert Module, but in the Update Request you have to manually set a date each and


We're new to Smartsheet and our web and content team are going to have multiple tasks that are going to be repeated again and again. We're going to create a checklist of steps for each one, for example, steps for creating an e-book.  Since we're going to be creating lots and lots of e-books, should


I am a project manager at a construction company so we use Smartsheets pretty heavily for everything from vehicle mileage reporting to project forecasting. The single biggest improvement that I would like to be done for Smartsheets is for greater links between multiple sheets. We are thinking about