Project Sheet 1 and Project Sheet 2 have detailed data.

Sheet_report_summary pulls the "Sheet Summary" data (icon in the right pane) for executive summary.

In our engineering meetings, we drill down into the details of each sheet. 

Can I show the "sheet summary" data on the sheet itself? For



If I'm building a website, can I create a custom HTML form and get the data into Smartsheet somehow? Smartsheet's native forms don't have the capabilities that I need (conditional logic) and I would like to make my forms a bit prettier. 

Thanks in


I need to send out Architectural Survey team out to the field to survey the existing conditions of a restaurant. Information gathered is Electrical Information (Panel Size, # of Breakers), Equipment (Make Model and serial#), Condition of Walls,etc. I'd like to send them with a Ipad with a Smartsheet



I would like to know if you are able to expand a row into a dashboard view. For example, if one row shows a project I am working on, and I have included several notes.. is there a way I can blow it up into a quick view of all items of included in the row (notes, dates, etc.). I would like to