So I created this template for our sales team. The idea is that in the yellow boxes they enter item number and quantity (and other things based on where they are in the template) and was informed that there are some sales orders where they will need to add additional boxes.

We were looking to


Hi all

I am looking for the best way to create a document tracking checklist that tracks all necessary documents in our loan origination process for EACH applicant that may be on the loan. There could be 1 applicant or there could be 5. We could have individuals or entitys on the loans as well. I


Hi all!

I want to create a checklist for the cleaners who turn over my airbnb properties.  I know how to create this checklist but there are a few specific things that I need it to do and can't figure out how.  Any advice would be appreciated!

1) This checklist will need to be filled out each clean.


has anyone come up with a creative way to combine a template with a cover letter? So example - we use smartsheet to gather requirements, we want to deliver those requirements to our customer at the end of the project in a polished package. Right now, we use the export to PDF, and add a few notes in



I am trying to create a project where depending on a certain task completing or not, the project sheet auto skips other listed tasks.  This is very simple, but very hard to communicate via words what I am trying to do. 

For example, lets say I have a project that lists out how to drive a car.


Wondering what template might be the best way to create and share a purchase order system for our construction projects.  I want to add links, pictures, pricing quantities etc.

Can anyone help with