I'm attempting to create a formula that will count the number of cells in a column from range in another sheet, that only includes the cells with a checked box.


In other words, there are two columns to include in the count from my Communication Tracker sheet:

Done -- checkbox column




I have a drop-down list of names on my sheet. I need to remove one of the names and add a new name, but I want to keep the list in alphabetical order. I can't find a way to re-order the names in the dialog box where I add the new name.  Does this mean I have to go back, delete all, and then re-enter

Christopher D Thrasher


Hello All, I am trying to build a graph of data and I was hoping someone had some ideas for me.

Scenario:  Multiple locations use a form to input data on incidents that occur at their location. The form has them input incident type (from a dropdown list), time of day (from a dropdown list), their

Matt O'Connor ~ Quality Manager


I have a multi column Smartsheet that tracks items by date.  Part of the functionality shows the number of days the item has been active:- 

=IF(OR([S.Status]5 = 3, [S.Status]5 = 1), TODAY(0) - [Start Date]5)

There is also a check box column.  What I would like to do is to automatically tick the


I'm trying to count instances of a specific selection in a multi-select column when "Yes" is in another column.  I've tried various FIND, COUNT, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS then IF or AND, but I'm not able to figure this one out.  


This one ALMOST works, but it won't count when another value is selected in