Hello All,

     I need help!!! I am trying to write a formula that replaces the letter "a" with the number "1", "b" with "2", "c" with "3", etc.... The individual formula of (ex.) =SUBSTITUTE([Column3]1, "a", "1") is easy enough, but for whatever reason I can't seem to figure out how to nest it with


I have a sheet with multiple countif formula referencing data from multiple sheets. 

From this single sheet, I have created a vital live data dashboard for multiple users to view and make decisions based on it.  

However, when I log back into my for some reason I see the totals in the dashboard


I played around with the publishing calendar functionality using ICal and syncing it to my Outlook account. I eventually decided not to use this function and turned it off in SmartSheet.

Several times a day I am getting an error message in Outlook related to publishing the calendar. See the attached


Hi all! I have two questions:

1. I have several conditional formatting rules that change colors or font based on contents. Can anyone recommend the best place to put the "format key" to indicate what each color and font means? I currently have it in an attachment, but that's not so easy to