I was wondering if this is possible yet, or if there have been any updates?




Importing from Smartsheet into Outlook is nice, but I would love to have a 2-way possibility. I have a lot of projects going on all at once, trying


Is it possible for an email to automatically be added into a smartsheet?  Just like a form entry gets added,  can someone send an email to a particular email address that is automatically added to a smartsheet?   I saw an old post about this from a few years ago but want to know if this is something


I have a report that shows the output of staff within a department. It shows all the publications and events they are working on. I am looking to build the report so that it does not show duplicates of the same type of output by the same person. 

For example,

Staff member A is running 10 roadshow


Good morning,

In the Team level, I had access to a report that showed me all Users per sheet/report, so that when someone left/changed departments, I could easily see what access they had.

This report is no longer available to me since we went to the Enterprise level, and our SysAdmin says that the