Good morning!

I just received the email update from Smartsheet Engage 2018 and I. AM. THRILLED!!!

We can now choose to allow multiple contacts (up to 20!) to be assigned to a row. 

See the article here: https://goo.gl/sTwxNZ




I've created a project schedule template that I will use for multiple projects throughout the year (avg. 100). This template has a total of 4 different alerts/actions. The template will default to a subject line like this one for a notification: 

- "Changes to Schedule #1: Project w/Professional


Hello friends-

I am creating a spreadsheet to help track project financials for a specific grant that the non-profit which I work for received. 

Specifically in the Summary Table, I have a sumifs formula which grabs specific line items based on the date and which installment of the grant they are