Hi everybody, 


I'm new to smartsheets and I'm not sure if there's a name for what I'm looking to do.


I volunteer for a small afforestation project in my local area. And want to make planning our planting trips a bit easier, as all our members are college students with varying schedules and


There are about 10 blank rows at the bottom of my sheet that keep coming back, even after I delete them. I either need to know how to permanently delete them or how to adjust my formulas to not include them because they are affecting our dashboard results.

Any help or advice anyone has is welcome.


We use Smartsheet for forecasting budgets per team. Each team has its own sheet with each line item that rolls up to sheets, reports, and a dashboard (with graphs and metrics).  The columns represent both forecast and actual money spent per month (two separate columns per month).  When a product


Hello - I am new to Actions and Alerts.  I would like to set up a workflow to allow our team to submit travel requests for their managers for approval.  I have my form and sheet set up fine, and the workflow seems to be working correctly and notifying the indicated approver via e-mail.  However, it


Good morning, I am using Smartsheet to track swim time which has a format of minutes:seconds:fractionalseconds (i.e. 5:00.50).  I would like to see if anyone has a solution for a couple of issues I am seeing:

1. I would like to use the MIN function to look across multiple cells (swim meets) and pull