I need to add up the following: 

1) All Labeled as Country X from a Qualitative field that is requiring me to use the FIND function. 

2) All labeled as AreaY across 3 columns (I have tried selecting all columns as a range and also just selecting the relevant rows as well). 

Currently using:


I currently have multiple employees who update a lot of projects using forms and recurring weekly update requests. Each project has its own row. Those projects often get reassigned, and new ones are regularly added. I've looked all over the SS community to see if there's a way to edit which rows are


Inside of Outlook, I have clicked "Store Add-ins", found "Smartsheet for Outlook" and clicked that. I then clicked the blue "Add" button. This then briefly changes to "Adding..." then to "Added". 

When I go into my Outlook email list, there is no Smartsheet icon. When I go back into "Store Add-ins"