My organization has just started using Smartsheet and I created my first form. I have a required "Email" field. I also enable the submitter the option to receive a email copy of their submission, which also requires an email. I announced the form and asked for feedback. Immediate and understandable


I am trying to find a solution...I have tasks related to confidential legal matters that are in a smartsheet. As I am breaking those matters down into tasks within the smartsheet there are some tasks that are not confidential and I need my administrative assistant to complete them without being


Hi there Smartsheet Community!

I have been a smartsheet user for a few years now but this is my first post with the community (so i'll try my very best to describe my issue)

I use two different sheets for planning in my company, which is currently manually updated. I am hoping to link these sheets


I have created an automated workflow, using the Request Update step.  This automatically creates the form to send to the user to update.  I would like to  change the way the form appears and allow multiple line entries. When I go into Forms, that form is not there to update.  How do I update the