I'm trying to automatically apply a formula to an entire column that concatenates info from cells in a given row into a document name, once data is entered into those cells. The only way I've been able to accomplish this so far is to just copy/ paste or drag the formula as data is entered in a new


So here at my company, we have a project template. This template contains many setting, functions, workflows and conditional formats that help organize our information. We currently generate an excel template similar to the one in smartsheets then copy paste into our template.

My question is


I have a sheet set up that populates rows with information filled out from a Smartsheet form. Rows are only added by filling out the form. When a row is added (i.e. form is submitted) a notification is sent out to a mailing list of individuals. This all works fine. 

I have a separate workflow


I have salesman that use pdf fillable forms for company use. I created a sheet that has all the forms in it as attachments. When using the desktop version they click on the attachment and it brings up the file and they file in the information and can print it. They are unable to do this in there


We do a lot of service jobs that we use smartsheet for. When its done they mark status as "Done". I know I can find the total amount of done rows by: =COUNTIF(Status:Status; "Done"). But how do I make the formula filter for jobs done in 2018 or 2019 etc?

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