I have a sheet that I have included the current inspection date. I need to calculate two expiration dates. One column @ 90 days post the inspection date and one column @ 365 days post the inspection date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I need to be able to return the most recent value for the Created Date column and the corresponding Discussed column text.

Currently, I am using an IF, COUNT, MAX, CHILDREN formula that I found on the community to return a MAX date within a grouping of rows but I can't figure out how to also return



One of our teams is using Smartsheet for team calendars, tracking things like time off, travel, working from home days, etc.  Key notification criteria is based on start and/or end dates.

Currently, their notification is setup to trigger when the start date is today. This doesn't catch when



In a Contact Column, and in a ancestor/child relationship, I would like for parent rows to summarize/list all persons in the child tasks.  Is Smartsheet able to perform this action?


If the child records list:

  • John D
  • Claire H
  • Emily G

I want the parent to show:

  • John D, Claire H, Emily


The new policy has change the rules, Free Users are no more able to send line of a Sheet .  There are some Workspaces where you can ten or more free user who need that to share.

And 120€/users is to expansive now to do it.

I send 2 requests to Smartsheet. 

Support Case Number: 03599177 Support Case



We have an order intake sheet that has an "Order Date" column and a Status Column. One of the ten selectable statues is "Complete"

What is the formula that I can use in a flag column to say - Flag any with an Order date 6 WEEKS OR GREATER, and Status NOT EQUAL to Complete? 

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