Hi Smart Sheet Community!


I am applying a formula to a cell in our project schedule sheets that I found in a couple posts to grab the MAX value of the Modified (Date) column:


=MAX(Modified:Modified) + ""


My colleagues and I will be linking the cell with this formula from our project schedule


I'm new to SS. This is my first project. I have an audit process I am building for a customer. There are 5 separate forms needed for the audit process. I originally had all 5 forms feeding the same sheet but with over 100+ columns for each audit, I went crazy scrolling left to right looking for the


Is there a way to auto group cells that are the same, and add a count of them next to the parent cell? For example, I have a sheet that looks like the first screenshot (ex1), it's a list of SKUs within a program and a project. I want to group all SKUs within the same program/project and count the