Is it possible for one person to be able to back up and schedule future back ups for the whole of our organisation?

I have figured individuals can do this but i would like to put the responsibility into one department and under one person?

I would be grateful of any information regarding this.


I feel silly, but I'm stumped.  I'm trying to do a countif with a sheet reference. I want to count how many rows in my Lease Tracker 2018 sheet have Agricultural in the Category column, but I keep getting #UNPARSEABLE.  What am I doing wrong?

=COUNTIF({Lease Tracker 2018 Category}:{Lease Tracker


We are wondering if anyone knows how to build a public facing sheet that has a search box where customers could type in a word or two and then have it return any hits. The data that would be searched could be linked to another sheet and that file would not need to be viewable on the public one. Is


Hello everyone!

I've checked this page https://www.smartsheet.com/legal/limits-policy 

it doesn't show the storage limit not the numbe of sheets limt.

I need to know this because we have hundreds of projects we were planning to put each one in a sheet but if theres a limit to sheets number maybe we