I have created a set of reports (that selects this project) and an overview/summary sheet that has links into the underlying Project Sheet.  We use these set as a template to save an copy to a new workspace or folder for each project.

I am hoping there is a way to make the project/sheet links stay



Has anyone successfully used dates to pull totals?

I'm trying to do the following:

Columns: Start Date | End Date | Status

                1/2/18           1/10/18     Completed

                1/5/18           1/7/18       Completed

                1/5/18                               Open


My team travels for business frequently and we need to keep track of the weekends they have traveled on so everyone can get their days in lieu. I used the NETWORKINGDAYS formula and it looked fine. The problem is our weekends are Friday-Saturday instead of the regular Saturday-Sunday. If I enable