I have created extensive data matrix's to calculate # of Jobs and dollar amount for individuals in our company to track capacity. However, as our sheets get larger, the formulas wont calculate. I receive an error message reading:

"Some cross-sheet formulas cant be updated, because this sheet has


I have a calculation to calculate the number of days between two columns.

=IFERROR(NETWORKDAYS([Date Submitted]41, [Go Live Date]41), " ")  It works great to return a blank if the customer has not gone live.

Then I have formula to calculate the average of the cells.

=AVG([Number of Days to


Hi all,

Been looking but cannot find an answer. I am using SmartSheet with a rental property I have. I want to send guest the information on the property a week before they arrive. I have set up a date field that is a week before check-in. I can see using that as the trigger, but my email appears to